Buy Fatal White Garlic strain seeds

Black Garlic x Fatal Flower

by Dank Terpenes

A daredevil twist on their own unusual phenotype, Fatal White Garlic is an evocative indica-dominant hybrid from Dank Terpenes that adds a fruity twist to the strange savoury flavours of its pungent parent.

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Fatal White Garlic Genetic Profile

With their curious savoury and sour flavours, Garlic strains are some of the most unusual cannabis varieties around. The Dank Terpenes seeds company’s recent update of Black Garlic – a beloved Sour Dubb x GMO Cookies blend – resulted in their patented White Garlic hybrid strain, leaving fans clambering for the next funky flavoured combo. Combining this previous pairing with Fatal Flower – another homegrown plant with a fruity flavour profile – Fatal White Garlic lineage takes their original recipe to new heights of stinky supremacy.

Bringing California’s most popular strains but with a uniquely British twist, the Dank Terpenes seed bank may be new on the scene, but their dispensary-quality marijuana mashups speak for themselves. Now available from MGS as regular seeds, Fatal White Garlic marijuana seeds are a must for fans of atypical tasting cannabis strains and a balanced range of sensory effects.

Fatal White Garlic Strain Terpene Profile

Garlic strains like GMO Cookies (aka Garlic Cookies) are often said to taste a little like their namesake, combining onion, mushroom and strong-smelling skunk scents into an unusual savoury flavour profile. The fatal White Garlic flavour isn’t too dissimilar but also mixes fruit, fiery diesel, and earthy kush accents into the pungent mix. Though slightly less aromatic than its relatives, carbon filters may still be required to temper its pervasive smell, which becomes especially intense during the flowering stage.

Many of these unusual flavours can be attributed to the strain’s specific terpene profile. Fatal White Garlic dominant terpenes include limonene and caryophyllene, two compounds with vastly different smells and tastes that, when combined with secondary terps like pinene and myrcene, produce a spicy, grassy funk that’s similar to that of allium plants. 

Fatal White Garlic Strain Effects

Unlike its bulbous namesake, this cultivar carries with it tons of psychoactive potential. As an indica strain, Fatal White Garlic effects are physically orientated yet balanced enough that they can be enjoyed throughout the day. However, we still recommend saving use until the later hours, when its sedating finish will be less of a hindrance. 

Opening with a euphoric sativa-leaning cerebral jump-start, its uplifting effects soon pave the way for a more relaxing, full-bodied experience, punctuated by strong hunger pangs, pain-relief, and a sleep-inducing sign-off.

Despite the name, Fatal White Garlic is no cannabis killer and is unlikely to send you down a dangerous path. Nevertheless, it’s still an incredibly strong strain and may give novice users a run for their money. Although we’re not sure of Fatal White Garlic THC content, it’s safe to say that cultivators can expect high THC levels to reach the mid-twenties – or even higher if THC boosting techniques are implemented – making this cannabinoid-rich cultivar a risky option for beginners.

Fatal White Garlic Strain Medical Benefits

Both garlic and marijuana have been used for thousands of years as traditional medicines. Pliny the Elder called the former a cure-all and found it particularly useful for treating arthritis. Fatal White Garlic medical seeds have similar analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce swelling and discomfort while quickening the healing process. This makes them a great choice for those recovering from injury and for tempering a variety of chronic pain disorders.

The delicious scent of this high-quality, high THC/low CBD strain might make your tummy rumble, but that’s not what makes Fatal White Garlic medical benefits excellent for appetite disorders. Its unique cannabinoid content is known to stimulate the release of ghrelin – a hormone that regulates our hunger responses. This is what causes the ‘munchies’ – a common side-effect of cannabis use – and for medical marijuana patients with conditions like anorexia or suffering from the after-effects of chemotherapy, this vital quality can make mealtimes a little easier and help to promote healthy eating habits.   

How to Grow Fatal White Garlic Strain

As any novice gardener knows, garlic grows readily in most soils and requires very little input and attention. Growing the Fatal Garlic cannabis plant isn’t quite as simple, but this cultivar is still incredibly hardy and thrives equally well indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse set up. Producing stocky, indica-typical plants with decent internodal spacing and weighty cannabis flowers, these cannabis seeds are ideal for SCROG, SOG and LST

Average-high yields can be expected under normal conditions, but those hoping to increase Fatal White Garlic yields should definitely consider implementing these kinds of techniques to help boost their plant’s productivity.

For a non-autoflowering or feminized marijuana strain, Fatal White Garlic flowering time of eight-nine weeks is fairly fast. Expect some of Black Garlic’s inky colour hues to make an appearance during this period, along with huge, resinous nugs dolled out in glittering trichome trappings. Don’t forget to prepare for its invasive skunky smell if you’re looking for a discrete grow, and there are many different methods – such as carbon filtration, companion planting, or air purifiers – that can help growers enormously in this regard.