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OG Kush x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

West Coast O.G. is a strong indica-dominant strain that offers an extra high yield while proving suitable for beginners or veterans alike. The possible medical benefits of this strain due to high CBD levels can’t be overlooked. Plus the high is truly out of this world with no unwanted side-effects.

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West Coast O.G. Genetics

West Coast O.G. by FastBuds can trace its heritage back through the West Coast lineage of O.G. Kush, along with an unknown ruderalis strain. This SoCal darling boasts original American genetics that maintain the classic O.G. Kush taste while adding a little something extra to the indica elements.

West Coast O.G. Terpene Profile

When smoking West Coast O.G. you can practically hear the waves crashing on the beach and the palm trees swaying in the wind. Pine is the strongest flavour with underlying notes of citrus just noticeable. You’ll feel like you’re in a surfer paradise as the evergreen aromas fill the room.

West Coast O.G. Effects

Similar to waves on the beach, this strain will hit you twice. First, expect a strong head-buzz coupled with elation. Then, prepare to chill because the second wave is like an indica sandbag. West Coast O.G. is perfect for hanging out with friends in the park or on the couch. Be prepared to stay awhile.

Medical Benefits West Coast O.G.

West Coast O.G.’s high levels of THC and CBD could have a wide array of medical benefits. The THC content may provide relief for those that suffer from migraines, debilitating headaches or other pains and aches. The CBD, together with the CBG (cannabigerol) in this strain may relieve eye pressure that occurs in glaucoma patients.

How to Grow West Coast O.G.

Suitable for either a SCROG or SOG method, West Coast O.G. doesn’t mind being grown indoors or outdoors. The strain responds well to artificial light and can tolerate the mistakes of novice growers without affecting the overall health of the plant. Growth begins at a steady rate but accelerates towards the end of the vegetative phase, culminating in an extra high yield. Expect frosty flowers flecked with caramel crystals that resemble grains of sand.