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Wedding Cake x Gorilla Glue #4

by Fast Buds

From Fastbuds – the masters of high THC autoflowering strains – comes the highly potent Wedding Glue Auto. This indica-dominant hybrid fem strain has earthy, sweet flavours, crazy resin production, and a surprisingly chill buzz for such a turbo-charged cannabis strain!

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Wedding Glue Auto Strain Genetics

A merging of Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) and Gorilla Glue #4 (Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel) ensures some intriguing genetics are at play in the background of these feminised autoflowering seeds.

The Cannabis Cup winning parents come from two vastly different directions here, the uplifting vibes of the seedbank legends Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush family and the couch-locking effects of the Diesel and Glue strains. Add in an unknown ruderalis for those autoflower genetics, and you end up with easy growing traits and a whole load of personality from this excellent TH Seeds Wedding Glue Auto strain!

Wedding Glue Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Earthy on one side, sweet vanilla on the other, and touches of fruity citrus in the middle, the flavour profile of this marijuana strain is complex and beautiful, and that’s due to the rich terpene content. The Kush, Skunk like scents and flavours are due to myrcene, which provides a base for the numerous flavours above it.

The vanilla touches and the peppery diesel tones on the inhale come from the same terpene, the busy caryophyllene, which is joined by the tropical fruit tingle of limonene to provide that sharp, citrus vibe that lingers on the lips after the exhale. A lot is going on here, but the flavours compliment each other for a sublime sensory experience!

Wedding Glue Auto Strain Effects

As potent as it is aromatic, the exceptionally high THC level (well over 25% with most phenotypes) ensures this TH Seeds seed company strain has a fast-acting, long-lasting effect on the body and mind. There are two stages to this high, the first a very indica-like, uplifting feeling. Creative, euphoric, and focused, this is the effect you want when you have stuff to do but want to be a little more relaxed while doing it.

Then you get to phase 2, the more sativa-style section, a near couch-locking, sedative buzz that takes over your whole body and sends you into a state of almost catatonic relaxation! This is where you’ll feel the tension leave your muscles, the stresses leave your mind, and the whole day fades to a close as you enjoy an evening of rest before one of the deepest nights of sleep you’ll ever have!

Wedding Glue Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical marijuana qualities of this high THC content cannabis strain come via the parent strains. On one side, you have the stress and anxiety-relieving qualities of Wedding Cake and its descendants. Here, the terpenes, many of which are folk medicine favourites for stress relief, may work with the body to help reduce the effects and symptoms of stress-related conditions.

From the GG4 side comes the potential for pain relief. The THC and certain terps are thought to work with the body – specifically the endocannabinoid system – to reduce not only the severity of pain but also the longevity and frequency of chronic pain symptoms.

How to Grow Wedding Glue Auto Strain Seeds

There’s a real range in the size of the plants from these cannabis seeds, anything from 70cms up to 120 cms, but regardless of height, the traits stay the same. An evenly balanced indica/sativa split ensures a bit of both sides in the growing habits. An indoor flowering time of 9-10 weeks from germination is around the average for autoflowering feminized seeds, while the stocky, compact shape of the plants keeps things within a small space.

This doesn’t affect the yield, though, with a strong central cola and a myriad of different buds appearing on each plant, ping pong ball-shaped (and sized) but dense, ensuring an indoor yield up to around 550g/m2. The nugs are dark greens and purples, a stunning colour combination, under a thick crust of resinous trichomes making this a perfect strain for extraction.

Outdoor and greenhouse growing is possible, offering growers around 160g per plant, but the genetics of these marijuana seeds make indoor growing (with SOG or SCROG methods) so easy it would be a shame not to take advantage!