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Wedding Cake x Cheese

by Fast Buds

For creamy fresh-baked fruit cake flavours that are a cut above the rest, Wedding Cheesecake Auto from Fastbuds Seeds is a beautiful marriage of terp-rich cookies flavours, fast, resilient growth, and potent upbeat effects that’ll make any celebration go with a bang.

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Wedding Cheesecake Auto Genetics

If you want to grow cannabis outdoors but worried about colder weather, Wedding Cheesecake Auto marijuana seeds might just be a match made in heaven. Fortified with ruderalis genetics, this high-performing, slightly sativa-leaning autoflower variety is highly resistant and performs outstandingly in less-than-ideal conditions, while its fast-flowering time makes it ideal for commercial cultivators looking to grow all year round. 

A little slice of luxury in marijuana form, Wedding Cheesecake Auto lineage marks a beautiful union of Wedding Cake – an award-winning, resin-rich Triangle Mints x Animals Mints cut – and Cheese – the stinky UK skunk strain that first found its fame in the 1980s. Together, these two top-shelf phenotypes are a match made in heaven, lending this powerful autoflowering descendant its sumptuous sweet cheesecake flavour profile and eye-opening cerebral effects.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Get ready to raise your glass in celebration because this decadent dessert strain’s delicious flavour deserves a round of applause. When its buds are broken up, Wedding Cheesecake Auto aroma evokes the same sweet and slightly sour nuances of a mouthwateringly fruity strawberry cheesecake with an earthy background that adds a level of refinement. Smokers can expect a taste that blends vanilla cookie dough and the sweet aromatic overtones of a baked fruit tart with a sugary herbal aftertaste that tickles the throat.

This creamy cheesecake flavour profile can’t be attributed to a single chemical compound. Pinene, limonene, linalool, and myrcene all feature amongst Wedding Cheesecake Auto abundant terpenes and combine together to create a complex melange that’s worthy of a wedding feast.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto Strain Effects

Whether you’re partial to indica or sativa strains, Wedding Cheesecake Auto effects are sure to satisfy your cannabinoid cravings. While more cerebral than physical, because of its hybridized genetics, it has a balanced psychoactive profile that fulfils all consumer requirements. Providing a clear-headed, focused high with a profoundly relaxed edge, it’s an excellent choice for daytime recreational enjoyment, maximising the enjoyment of any creative task without ending in couchlock.

As Wedding Cheesecake Auto THC levels can reach 24%, it’s highly suitable for high-tolerance consumers. Still, sweet-tooths who are less familiar with potent cannabis strains should stick to a less indulgent dessert variety with a lower THC content. As a pinine-rich pheno, users can also rest assured that many of the less-desired traits of cannabis intoxication – like memory loss and paranoia – are less likely with Wedding Cheesecake weed.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Comfort eating isn’t a great way of dealing with psychological problems but have you ever heard of comfort smoking? It’s a fact that sugary treats promote a rush of feel-good chemicals, and cannabis can have a similar effect, which is why Wedding Cake Auto medical benefits including treating mental health conditions like depression. Promoting cheerfulness and positivity when used in moderation, THC dominant strains like this have proven highly effective at alleviating symptoms in patients who suffer from this debilitating disorder. 

Cannabis grown from Wedding Cheesecake Auto medical seeds can also be used to help combat social anxiety. Though it’s thought that strains with a lower THC and high CBD content are best suited to treating SADs, a high limonene and linalool content has also shown potential in curbing nervousness in social situations. Wedding Cake Auto also has the added benefit of alpha-pinene, which can help to stimulate social interaction and calm fretful minds.

How to Grow Wedding Cheesecake Auto Strain

This rapid flowering balanced hybrid is ideal for beginners or commercial growers alike. Robust ruderalis genetics mean Wedding Cheesecake Auto-flowering time is a speedy nine weeks from germination, and without any need for specially-timed light cycles, growers can simply sit back and watch its frosty flowers form automatically. Growing Wedding Cheesecake Auto cannabis seeds outside isn’t an issue either as they’re resistant to cold temperatures, making them highly suitable for locations that experience shorter summers.

Similar to its Wedding Cake parent, which is famed for its thick coating of ice-white resin, this plant’s chunky calyxes are coated in trichomes, with subtle magenta and violet shades running through its bright green buds. If growing indoors, it makes an excellent candidate for SOG growth or LST, and under optimum conditions, Wedding Cheesecake Auto yields can max out at 450-600gr/m2. It’s also a brilliant choice for making bubble hash, and though this strain is sweet enough on its own, the Fastbuds seed bank recommends a thorough flushing during the final 10-14 days of growth for an extra sugary final flavour.