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Strawberry Pie x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

Delivering an aromatic and visual profile as exquisite as its colossal THC content, Fastbuds Seeds Strawberry Pie Auto is an easy-to-grow, indica-dominant hybrid dripping with terpenic lusciousness. One sampling of its juicy aroma will be enough to claim a spot in your top favourite strains.

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Strawberry Pie Auto Strain Genetics 

Emerging from Fastbuds Seeds seed bank, Strawberry Pie Auto cannabis seeds are hybrids, born from a delightful crossbreeding of Strawberry Pie with Cannabis Ruderalis, a CBD-rich subspecies used to pass along auto-flowering traits, element resistance, and speedy growth times to Indica and Sativa strains.

Ruderalis doesn’t offer much in the way of flash, other than its essential scientific contributions. But Strawberry Pie Auto lineage boasts social-favourite Strawberry Cough and the cerebral OG Kush, both sativa-heavy hybrids.

Strawberry Pie Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Producing resin-covered buds absolutely hazy with fumes of funky fuel, cookie dough, and strawberry candy, Fastbuds Seeds Strawberry Pie Auto aroma is pure nirvana for the senses. Red Berries and skunky notes of diesel arrive on each inhalation, with pie crust and a touch of herbal pine on the exhale. 

Strawberry Pie Auto dominant terpenes begin with a heavy dose of potent and fruity Myrcene. Adding specific delights are Caryophyllene and its luscious, doughy aromas, with magical flashes of Pinene and its fresh, chemical notes of pine and herbs.

Strawberry Pie Auto Strain Effects 

A potent lady, Fastbuds Seeds Strawberry Pie Auto THC level towers up to 26% on top of its loaded terpene combination. The CBD levels of its Ruderalis parentage were not passed along, so expect controlled, indica-style effects with hints of sativa sharpness. Body relaxation and happiness will come easy, and while you might feel some comfortable weight after a few sessions, don’t expect to be glued to the couch. Your mind will remain calm and observant, with pleasant boosts of motivation during the first sessions. 

Strawberry Pie Auto weed is great for many situations. Indulge a little before a workout to ease body aches and boost your mental energy. Increase consumption once you’re home for the night and ready to settle in with your favourite movie, and enjoy stress and heavy thoughts to fade into oblivion.

Strawberry Pie Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Fastbuds Seeds Strawberry Pie Auto medical benefits deliver the potent curative power of THC and terpenes, with an immediate onset of pain and anxiety relief from the Myrcene and Caryophyllene. 

Pinene and lasting remnants of its sativa-leaning ancestors promote a calm yet focused mental buzz that translates well for anti-depression uses, along with a gentle boost to get up and complete tasks.

How to Grow Strawberry Pie Auto Strain 

Growing FastBuds Strawberry Pie Auto feminised seeds is a rewarding experience, with each batch capable of various phenotypes. A hearty strain, outdoor growers with plenty of room will see these beauties grow to their full potentials with broad fan leaves and dense bud forests. 

Strawberry Pie Auto yields are upward of 550grams per m2, enhanced with a bit of Low Stress Training to spread out the bushy growth. As an auto-flowering strain, you won’t need to worry about light changes, and with Strawberry Pie Auto flowering time at 8-9 weeks after germination, warm climate growers can support a full year of growth,

A gorgeous plant, Strawberry Pie autoflowering seeds will produce buds glowing with hints of red and pink, covered in orange pistils and dense trichomes that hold a frosty lavender resin, with some phenos expressing brilliant purple coloration. Expect to be treated to aromas of strawberry candy, creamy cookie dough, and skunk right before harvest time.