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Orange Sherbet x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

A tall drink of water with a tangy orange terpene profile, Orange Sherbet Auto is a super-sized, sativa-dominant autoflowering strain from Fastbuds Seeds that has been custom bred for commercial growth or hash makers looking for next-level juice flavours that hit hard and heavy.

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Orange Sherbert Auto Genetics

Orange Sherbet Auto lineage features DNA from the original Orange Sherbet phenotype but with an injection of ruderalis genes for added stability and yield. Such genetic tinkering has also shortened and simplified the flowering process, making this orangey heir to the GSC throne even sweeter than before by all accounts. Famed for its resin production, low maintenance, and XXL size, it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that commercial growers with a lot of space should definitely consider adding to their wishlist. 

Highly suitable for hot environments or indoor setups with extra room, this sativa-dominant citrus terpy beast is now available from MGS in an autoflowering variety. Orange Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds might not quench your thirst like a tall refreshing glass of OJ, but the plant’s juicy flavours are equally alluring and sativa kick just as energising.

Orange Sherbet Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Orange Sherbet Auto flavour profile evokes many of the subtle flavours of its rich heritage, which includes tastemaker strains like Cherry Pie, White Widow, and the indomitable OG Kush. Dominated by tangerine terps with earthy undertones, a sweet and sour citrus sherbet background, and a hashy floral aftertaste, unlike actual orange juice, these delicious summer fruit flavours become even tastier and more refined when in concentrate form.

The intense orange flavour of this tangy strain can be attributed to a mix of fruity terpenes like limonene, terpinolene, and myrcene. Orange Sherbet Auto abundant terpenes also include caryophyllene – a byproduct of its kush lineage – and alpha-pinene, which is known to energise the mind and mitigate many of the adverse effects associated with cannabis consumption.

Orange Sherbet Auto Strain Effects

Orange Sherbet Auto effects benefit from the strain’s sativa-dominance leading to an intense cerebral experience without the sedative encore. Expect an energetic burst to begin with, followed by focused, exhilarating feelings that are sure to get those creative juices flowing. Pure inspiration in cannabis form, it makes an excellent option for sparking new ideas and sharing with like-minded company, so if you’re looking to give your next brainstorming session a boost, this might be the strain for you.

As this pheno lacks the drowsy side effects of many cannabis strains, it’s highly suitable for daytime consumption and can be enjoyed without worries of a wasted day. However, novice users should still take care as Orange Sherbet Auto THC level is a potent 24%, which is considered pretty high within the marijuana world. The intense head rush and free-flowing thoughts that accompany consumption might be too extreme for some, so stick to indica cultivar if you prefer a more relaxing psychoactive journey.

Orange Sherbet Auto Strain Medical Benefits

If planting for therapeutic purposes, Orange Sherbet Auto medical seeds are best designed for disorders relating to attention, alertness and mood. Its strong stimulating effects can help patients with fatigue while also aiding focus in patients who have trouble concentrating on multiple tasks. Attention disorders like ADHD are often linked to low dopamine levels, and high THC/low CBD cannabis strains, particularly ones like this that are rich in alpha-pinene, are known to boost levels in key regions of the brain.   

The happy sense of euphoria consumers are likely to experience while under this strain’s influence doesn’t have to be limited to recreational use. Patients with depression may find Orange Sherbet Auto medical benefits to be the optimum mood-booster; their immediate action helping to brighten dark thoughts when you’re feeling down without the need for pharmaceutical assistance.

How to Grow Orange Sherbet Auto Strain

Growing Orange Sherbet Auto requires a lot of room as this is one of the Fastbuds seed bank’s taller autoflower hybrids. Pushing 110-150cm in size when fully grown, it thrives best in warmer climates, and while suitable for indoor growth, cultivators will need to perform plant training techniques like LST to control its final height. Thanks to their mostly sativa heritage, expect these seeds to grow quickly, producing plants with big internodal spacing and a large bushy appearance. Their autoflowering genetics have increased the growth rate, with Orange Sherbet Auto-flowering time averaging around nine-ten weeks from germination.

Orange Sherbet autoflowering seeds produce extremely resinous, trichome-encrusted flowers with an almost all-white appearance, and which are sure to leave hash and concentrate creators licking their lips in anticipation. The surrounding leaves are also resin-rich, so make sure to keep your trim bins handy when harvest time rolls around. Under ideal conditions, Orange Sherbet Auto yields can reach 500-600gr/m2 and will need extra support once in full bloom to help hold the weight of all those sticky stacked calyxes.