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Mimosa Cake x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

A sativa-dominant hybrid, autoflowering feminised cannabis strain from Fastbuds Seeds, Mimosa Cake Auto, is a fast flowering, high yielding beauty. This potent wonder offers a chilled, cerebral buzz and an exceptionally fruity flavour profile.

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Mimosa Cake Auto Strain Genetics

These Mimosa Cake Auto cannabis seeds are the result of two seed bank legends, both with notable flavours and effects. On one side, you have Mimosa (Clementine x Purple Punch), which has been bred with Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) along with an unknown Ruderalis for those essential autoflower traits.

This Cali centric family tree is full of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush and is the reason for the hefty THC level (up near 25%) and the earthy, lemon tastes and smells that dominate the senses. The sativa dominance is balanced out by enough indica here to ensure a potent yet gentle high as opposed to the couchlock you may expect from such a potent strain.

Mimosa Cake Auto Strain Terpene Profile

The earthy tingle on the tongue, which is echoed by the aroma that fills the room on exhale, is due to the most common of all, the cannabis terpenes, the Kush and Skunk, scented myrcene. This classic terpene is joined by another abundant terp, limonene, which gives those intense lemon pie flavours on the exhale.

The inhale has a softer, fresher story, with essences of floral and piney flavours coming from a combination of linalool and pinene. Together, these terpenes create a treat for the tongue and the nose, a cross between classic, pungent marijuana flavours and gentler nature vibes to ensure an enjoyable mental journey even before the effects kick in!  

Mimosa Cake Auto Strain Effects

The Mimosa Cake Auto buzz has two entirely different dimensions, one for the mind and one for the body! The corporeal sensation is soft, calming, relaxing, yet somehow also energetic. On the other side, the head high is stronger, more sedative if high doses are consumed.

Keep things gentle, however, and a sense of total relaxation will envelop your mind while the body is still capable of carrying out tasks, making this a workable daytime strain as well as an entertaining accompaniment to a talkative night with friends.

Mimosa Cake Auto Strain Medical Benefits

With such a rich Cannabis Cup winning lineage, medical marijuana potential is to be expected, and this cannabis strain does not disappoint. One of the most reported benefits is in the relief of symptoms of stress. The relaxing effects for the mind and the gentle buzz for the body can help reduce tension in the brain and in the joints to reduce the effects of stress.

Additionally, the uplifting high and long-term mood boost that is often delivered by Fastbuds Mimosa Cake Auto may result in the alleviation of symptoms associated with depression-related conditions. The rich cannabinoid and terpene profiles work with the body to aid in supporting mood and enhancing energy, which may be of help to those living with depression.

How to Grow Mimosa Cake Auto Strain Seeds

A relatively tall cannabis plant for an autoflowering variety, maxing out at around 130cms, the indoor flowering time of these feminized seeds is a pleasingly swift nine weeks from germination. Expect an impressively high yield, too, with up to 550 gr/m2 being given up.

While outdoor growers can succeed here and be rewarded with some 160g per plant as a maximum yield, it is indoor growing that we recommend here. These fem auto seeds will become pine-like in their structure due to the side branches growing upwards around a sizable central cola. The dense, heavy ping-pong ball-sized buds grow everywhere, with light greens decorated beautifully with orange pistils and resinous trichomes, making these nugs look like they’re coated in crystal!