Buy Mexican Airlines strain seeds

Mexican x Columbian x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

Combining Columbian Sativa, Mexican Sativa and Ruderalis, you’re going to be flying very high with Mexican Airlines, a potent, sativa-dominant hybrid strain from the kings of autoflowering over at FastBuds. With 19% THC and 1% CBD, Mexican Airlines offers an impressively heady high.

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Mexican Airlines Strain Genetics

A wonderfully potent and flavoursome mixture of original Mexican and  Colombian sativa landraces, mixed with Ruderalis to produce a strong and pleasant head-high, that also grows well. Unusual for an autoflower in that she’s a sativa-dominant variety and can produce a high yield.

Sativa lovers will be happy indeed – the name speaks very much for itself; you will be up in the clouds and flying high with Mexican Airlines.

Mexican Airlines Strain Terpene Profile

There’s a smorgasbord of flavours here, Mexican Airlines is a delight for those who love a varied taste profile to their cannabis. A spicy strain, with clear sour and ginger, tastes, to begin with, followed up by a lovely citrus chaser. The aroma is pleasant, light and hazy.

Mexican Airlines Strain Effects

Hazey and heady, Mexican Airlines is definitely one for creative types, looking to get inspired and focussed and to get in the zone. The THC level (19%) means this is probably a strain for pretty experienced cannasseurs, the high is intense and euphoric, sometimes bordering on the psychedelic.

You will not have a care in the world after having a toke on this and are likely to find yourself giggling like crazy before drifting off to new and delightful heights: dreamy as lying on the beach at Tijuana.

Mexican Airlines Strain Medical Benefits

A very decent amount of CBD (1%) for a recreational strain, Mexican Airlines from FastBuds may provide some good relief from stress, fatigue, inflammation and nausea.

As a sativa-dominant variety and a potent one with 19% THC, this may also be a good choice for those dealing with headaches, migraine or neuralgic pain. It is definitely very uplifting and should ease day-to-day worries quickly and effectively.

How to Grow Mexican Airlines Strain

Available to buy in autoflowering seed form, these plants grow quick, strong and sturdy. The leaves are long, slim and light green; the tops, dense, sticky and covered with trichomes. When flowering she will have a potent aroma, so make sure you have a good carbon filter.

As an autoflowering variety, this is a particularly productive and easy-going one, a great strain for beginner gardeners: just watch out for mildew and too much humidity as flowering ends. She will be done in 8-9 weeks but if you can leave her slightly longer for a more potent result.