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This Kosher Cake Auto indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain provides large yields and high THC levels you wouldn’t expect from autoflowering seeds. Offering epic, potent, tasty buds, coated in crystal trichomes and smelling of sweet and tangy fruit, grab yourself a slice of our Kosher Cake Auto.

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Kosher Cake Auto Strain Genetics

The genetics of Kosher Cake Auto feminised seeds are something of a mystery, but we’re sure, from both name and flavours, that Cali seedbank legends Birthday Cake and Kosher Kush are at play. What we can guarantee is that the classic, old school Kush strains and Girl Scout Cookies strains are working their magic, alongside a ruderalis which adds the auto traits. 

The large, dense, ample buds are another benefit of that heritage. The mystery is intriguing, but what is not in doubt is that this is one of the best autoflowering strains, with remarkable flavours, tastes, effects, and an astoundingly high THC level.

Kosher Cake Auto Strain Terpene Profile

With the enigmatic heritage, we are still finalizing the terpene information for this hybrid strain. However, we can make very educated guesses thanks to the rich and immersive flavours. The strong cheesecake and cookie dough taste come from a blend of limonene and caryophyllene, providing that tangy, citrusy, fruity, peppery sweet hint on the inhale.

The scents on exhale are suggestive of a couple more terpenes, too, myrcene, the skunky terpene that produces the herbal goodness, and linalool, which adds a floral hue to the aroma that fills the room after breathing out.

Kosher Cake Auto Strain Effects

We cannot overstate the potency of this marijuana strain, with a THC level that regularly rises above 25%, there is a near-instant kick from this fast-acting strain. Bordering on couchlock, at least for the first little while, a full body and mind relaxation will wash over you, but this will gradually dissipate to reveal a more cerebral, euphoric high.

The second phase of the Kosher Cake Auto buzz is uplifting and giggly, likely to make you talkative, happy, and more than a little hungry! There is then a third phase, which again leans towards the sedative, making this the perfect after-dinner strain, so this final effect occurs just in time for bed!

Kosher Cake Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The high cannabinoid and rich terpene content give Kosher Cake Auto potential medical marijuana properties, most notably in the treatment of insomnia. This cannabis strain may aid in reducing the effects of insomnia by relaxing the mind, alleviating the symptoms of stress, and giving a sedating sensation which should make falling asleep easy and waking up during the night less likely.

Additionally, the terps present here could work alongside the endocannabinoid system, as may the THC, to decrease symptoms of chronic pain. A reduction in pain symptoms, including joint pain and stiffness, aches in the muscles, and migraines has been reported by consumers.

How to Grow Kosher Cake Auto Strain Seeds

Despite leaning one way, these cannabis seeds show both indica and sativa growing traits with the plants growing relatively high for an autoflowering variety, potentially reaching up to 120cms for indoor growers. Responding to SOG and SCROG growing methods, a flowering time of as little as eight weeks from germination is possible, although nine is more likely in most cases. Side branches grow short here, maintaining a compact structure and reducing the need for pruning.

While outdoor planting of these autoflowering feminized seeds is possible, we recommend keeping things inside, where growers can see an impressive indoor yield of up to 550g/m2, which is huge for an autoflower. Breaking all the expectations, these high yielding cannabis plants produce light green, trichome covered, pinecone shaped, high THC buds decorated with orange hairs and providing a citrus fruit smell and a sensational taste you must experience to believe!