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by Fast Buds

Strong, sticky, and a treat to behold, Fastbuds Seeds Gorilla Cookies Auto seeds are the seed bank’s most substantial offering yet. This strain is all about that monkey business, presenting a balanced hybrid of aromatic lusciousness and a high THC content with the potency of a velvet-wrapped gorilla fist to the face. 

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Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain Genetics 

Hailing from the marriage of modern-day classics, Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains, Gorilla Cookies Auto lineage boasts the hardy temperament of its autoflowering Ruderalis genetics, along with the combined potency and terpenes of both parent strains.  

Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent hybrid phenotype featuring heavy body and mind effects beneath an aroma of funky earth and puckery fuel. Additionally, Thin Mint GSC delivers its namesake bouquet alongside a towering head high and potent medical effects of Gorilla Cookies Auto marijuana seeds. 

Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain Terpene Profile

A terpenic monster, Fastbuds Seeds Gorilla Cookies Auto aroma is a tempting assortment of earthy fumes, funky chemicals, and sweet desserts. Once buds begin to grow and swell with resin, expect a thick haze of kush, gas, and minty cookies. Smoke flavours are similar, with sweet, earthy cookies on the inhale and a lemon-tinged dose of diesel during exhalations. 

Gorilla Cookies Auto dominant terpenes are responsible for its assertive bouquet. The earthy twang of myrcene and the chemical-citrus and gas of limonene s heavy-handed in each harvest. The sweet and spicy baked-good aromas of caryophyllene lend the sugared dough and peppery-mint qualities that set this strain’s aroma apart from the rest.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain Effects 

Fastbuds Seeds Gorilla Cookies Auto cannabis seeds showcase the best qualities of a balanced indica/sativa hybrid. Each session will begin with a giddy, euphoric head rush at the onset of consumption, leading to euphoria and generalized happiness as the buzzy limonene and sativa characteristics hit first.

Myrcene and caryophyllene combine to promote full-body relaxation and pain relief that begins by wrapping itself around your head before spreading downward. Gorilla Cookies Auto THC levels reach a whopping 27%, so enjoy this beast after a long day at work as you slowly become glued to the couch.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain Medical Benefits

A boisterous terpene profile and gargantuan THC levels aid Gorilla Cookies Auto medical seeds in delivering impressive therapeutic effects. Rich cannabinoids and the enticing blend of myrcene and caryophyllene eliminate physical pain throughout the body while boosting the appetite and reducing nausea.

Mentally, the clarifying brightness of limonene and sativa genetics illuminates the mind, melting away stress and anxiety and providing an aura of relaxed euphoria as the THC sweeps in.

How to Grow Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain 

With just a touch of hands-on care, growing Gorilla Cookies Auto feminized seeds will leave first-time growers hooked. Resistant to disease, cold temperatures, and mould, this sweet beauty requires some Low-Stress Training to support the substantial side branches. 

Gorilla Cookies Auto weed yields can top 600 grams per m2 in indoor setups. With proper feeding and pH monitoring, expect an even more robust trichome production from each prosperous harvest, especially with spacious outdoor layouts. 

Gorilla Cookies Auto autoflowering cannabis seeds growing time is a speedy ten weeks from germination. As an autoflowering strain, you will not need to worry about adjusting your light levels. Harvest time will unveil hefty, verdant buds covered in orange pistils and juicy trichomes, completely frosted from resin production and dripping with scents of twangy diesel and sweet, minty cookies.