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Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

Iconic ice-cream parlour flavours but with an autoflowering twist, Gelato Auto from Fastbuds is a speedy, simple-to-grow revamp of the classic Cookies favourite that boasts the same iconic taste and titanic THC content but with half the hassle. 

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Gelato Auto Genetics

The Fast Buds seed bank has whipped up something special with this new, improved update on a world-favourite cannabis recipe. Gelato Auto lineage features the same Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies mix as the original Gelato phenotype but with an added secret ingredient. Topped off with autoflower genetics obtained from an undisclosed ruderalis strain, now this cup-winning ice-cream classic is even quicker and easier to grow than before while retaining all of the strength and sugar-sweet flavour of its regular flowering relative.

Boasting a very high THC content of around 26%, this is Fastbuds Seeds’ strongest autoflowering version to date with an award-winning terp-rich profile that’s just begging to brighten your day. Its max-strength, multi-purpose effects make it an excellent choice for sweet-toothed veteran smokers, while medicinal cannabis growers will marvel at its massive range of hidden health benefits. A dynamic dessert strain with a well-deserved reputation, enjoy cultivating this candied Cali classic from the comfort of your own home with Gelato Auto marijuana seeds.  

Gelato Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Looking for that iconic Italian ice-cream flavour without the Roman holiday? Gelato Auto flavour and aroma fully encapsulates the zesty, creamy aesthetic of a frozen dessert, with fruity kush and berry elements coming through on the exhale and a herbal aftertaste as the cherry on top. The same classic cookies flavour profile that took California by storm upon its original release loses none of its prize-winning potency in this autoflowering update. 

The Gelato strain has become a flagship for quality flavour and perfectly showcases the power of terpenes, the natural compounds that give cannabis its taste and smell. Gelato Auto abundant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, which, when combined in specific concentrations, have a tremendous impact on the body’s olfactory receptors. Many also possess additional physiological effects which help to enhance a strain’s medical potential.

Gelato Auto Strain Effects

Rest assured, this ice-creamy treat won’t give you brain freeze. As a slightly sativa-dominant variety with a high THC/low CBD content, Gelato Auto effects are cerebrally orientated and ideal for opening the mind to imaginative new ideas. Its giggly, uplifting effects are custom built for creative minds and the perfect prescription for writer’s block, but with overuse, this sense of euphoric energy and inspiration will fade fast, making way for a more indica influenced experience.  

Gelato Auto THC level has been lab-tested at 26% – the highest of any Fastbuds strain to date! It can be powerful if consumed in excess, leaving unprepared users couch-locked and creatively drained. Although suitable for smoking in the day, this fruit-flavoured pheno is definitely an occasional treat that should be savoured in small portions and used only by those with a high tolerance to THC.

Gelato Auto Strain Medical Benefits

This dispensary grade strain has already helped thousands of medical marijuana patients in its home state and, with Gelato Auto medical seeds from Fastbuds, now home growers can reap the same health benefits at home in double-time. In smaller doses, the strain’s uplifting sativa side can be great for boosting energy levels, and sufferers of fatigue, whether creative or physical, may benefit most from this unique psychoactive pick-me-up.     

If consumed in excess, Gelato Auto medical benefits become more focused on the body. 

Studies in rats have shown that caryophyllene acts as a full CB2 receptor agonist and produces numerous physiological effects, particularly inflammatory and neuropathic pain relief. THC also has a powerful analgesic influence on the body, and when combined, these two active compounds have a synergistic effect. This makes Gelato Auto perfect for treating many different kinds of pain, particularly those associated with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.  

How to Grow Gelato Auto Strain

As this is a low-maintenance and highly rigorous autoflowering strain, growing Gelato Auto cannabis seeds is a quick and easy process, making it an ideal starter strain for first-time growers. Although its discreet indica structure makes it suitable for smaller indoor setups, growers should note that this is one of Fastbuds smellier strains and will require carbon filters to combat its pungent aroma. Some defoliation is also recommended to help the lower sections of the plant get enough light, but this will be less of a concern for outdoor gardeners in sunnier climates. 

Producing stocky, vivid-green plants with sparkling crystal-coated leaves and compact, trichome-covered colas, ruderalis genetics have shortened Gelato Auto-flowering time to a rapid nine weeks from germination, and growers should look to harvest once its hairy pistils turn from white to amber. This cultivar is also a great candidate for SCROG cultivation and about as sticky as they come, making it wonderful for crafting THC and terpene-rich oils and extractions. Gelato Auto yields range from 400-550g per m2 indoors to 50-200g per plant outside, which is average for autoflowering seeds, but as the quality is triple-platinum and the turnover so quick, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed with the delicious end results.