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Forbidden Candy x Runtz

by Fast Buds

Bursting with candy fruit aroma and nearly dripping with resin, Forbidden Runtz Auto is another autoflower homerun from the Fastbuds Seeds seed bank. Showcasing a massive THC content and sensory-gripping terpenes, this indica-dominant hybrid is as easy to grow as it is to enjoy.

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Forbidden Runtz Auto Strain Genetics 

Fastbuds Seeds Forbidden Runtz Auto lineage is an enticing collection of unique hybrid cannabis strains and incredible flavours born out of Cali. Both of its parents, Forbidden Candy and Runtz, are full of aromatic terpenes and are known for excellent resin production and their magnificent family trees, including the euphoric Gelato and the delectably-fruity Zkittlez. 

A sativa-dominant hybrid, Runtz provides energy and uplifted focus. The indica leanings of Forbidden Candy give rise to relaxation and unique aromas, as well as the unique shape of Forbidden Runtz Auto marijuana seeds’ tightly-packed buds. 

Forbidden Runtz Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Like a handful of the candy itself, Fastbuds Seeds Forbidden Runtz Auto dominant terpenes are heavy on sweet and tangy fruit. Inhalation of its thick and creamy smoke will fill your mouth with flavours of sweet earth and dank, Runtz-like fruit. Exhalations produce tart citrus and more candy that will fill the room after just one hit.

Forbidden Runts Auto aroma boasts the dank, fruity power of myrcene and its full-body effects. Additional waves of citrus-bomb limonene carry hints of chemical funk and citrus candy, while traces of caryophyllene and linalool are responsible for its sweet and creamy flavours.  

Forbidden Runtz Auto Strain Effects 

Fastbuds Seeds Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds effects are quick to begin and potent to behold. Forbidden Runtz Auto THC levels top out at 26%, contributing a powerful head and body high. Each session starts with a lively burst of limonene and sativa energy, delivering bright and uplifting effects to produce a pleasant cerebral buzz and a cheerful, slightly euphoric headrush.

Subsequent sessions will enhance the calming indica effects, allowing the myrcene and linalool to lull you into a comfortable, slightly-sedated end to your day. Because of its range of effects, this strain is great for social settings, providing a boost for housework, or simply indulging in a favourite show.  

Forbidden Runtz Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Forbidden Runtz Auto medical seeds produce a bountiful harvest of medically potent buds. High THC levels will help to calm a troubled mind, reducing depressive and anxious thoughts. Heavy doses of myrcene and linalool provide pain relief and body relaxation from the get-go. 

An added bonus, Forbidden Runtz Auto medical benefits come in stages. The first and second applications will elicit energetic happiness that will dissolve away stress and promote laughter before the strain’s heavyweight potency begins to take over.  

How to Grow Forbidden Runtz Auto Strain 

Bred to be resistant to harm and easy to grow from its Ruderalis genetics, Fastbuds Seeds Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds are suited to just about all grow types. Low-Stress Training for deeper light saturation will increase production, and growers opting for SCROG set-ups can take great advantage of the plant’s hefty side branches. These beauties can reach heights up to 130cm, and Forbidden Runtz Auto indoor yields can top 550grams per m2.

Growing Forbidden Runtz Auto feminised seeds present opportunities for multiple growths, as Forbidden Runtz Auto-flowering time is a mere nine weeks after germination. Proper flushing before harvesting will bring out every drop of intense flavour and result in sugared green leaves and dense buds so thick with resin its fat calyxes will glisten with a white-green sheen of potency.