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Hawaiian x Early Skunk x Trainwreck x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

Fear not- there are no similarities between Crystal Meth by Fast Buds and the meth in ‘Breaking Bad’! In comparison, the strain Crystal Meth is a low-maintenance grow with a fantastic yield and unbeatable genetics. You’ll be transported to the land of sandy beaches and margaritas when you smoke Crystal Meth.

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Crystal Meth Strain Genetics

Fast Buds created this killer feminized autoflower hybrid by crossing Mexican landrace genetics with Hawaii, Early Skunk and Trainwreck plus some Ruderalis. The result is a CBD-heavy sativa that will not disappoint in her THC levels. Her mother genetics are considered some of Fast Buds best work and should not be overlooked in this strain.

Crystal Meth Strain Effects

The moderate CBD levels in Crystal Meth will relax and relieve while the THC transports your mind to a calmer place. Her CBD and THC content play nicely off one another, leaving you happy and emotionally stable without any unwanted side effects like anxiety. If you’re looking for mental relaxation and a pleasant tingling feeling, look no further than Crystal Meth.

Crystal Meth Strain Terpene Profile 

Crystal Meth retains her sativa taste, leaving you with piney and nutty flavors on your tongue. Most phenotypes will taste like hazelnut when smoked, so Crystal Meth is a good option if you’re a fan of Nutella. Expect tropical, fruity smoke that’ll lightly perfume the air around you.  

Medical Benefits Crystal Meth Strain

The high CBD levels in Crystal Meth make her a great option for those seeking pain relief from a variety of illnesses. If you suffer from cramps, Crystal Meth can help relax and relieve the pain you feel as a result of tight, sore muscles. This same property may also be beneficial for those dealing with epilepsy. Crystal Meth also has a very high THC content that could be helpful for AIDS/HIV patients that experience fatigue, nausea or lack of appetite. Her uplifting and soothing effects may help tame these symptoms or lessen their severity.

How to Grow Crystal Meth Seeds

This is an excellent strain for the grower looking for zero hassle and convenience. Crystal Meth is both a feminized and autoflowering strain, which saves time for the busy grower. Don’t be stingy with the fertilizer because Crystal Meth will take all the nutrients she can get.

The Crystal Meth strain isn’t picky about where she’s grown, but outdoor growers should keep in mind her tropical heritage and inclination towards warmer climates. You can expect full, sometimes light purple- or pink hued buds covered in sugary crystals in about 8 or 9 weeks.