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OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

by Fast Buds

Massive and green with a surprising sweetness beneath its potent power, Fastbuds Seeds Bruce Banner Auto is a sativa-dominant hybrid emulating the best characteristics of the classic comic hero. Its Hulking THC content and marvellously uplifting effects will smash away heavy thoughts and leave you free to enjoy this luscious, autoflower beast.

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Bruce Banner Auto Strain Genetics 

Bruce Banner Auto marijuana seeds are the autoflowering version of the famous strain of the same name, including the popular phenotype Bruce Banner #3. Born from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel strains and crossed with the autoflowering c. Ruderalis, Bruce Banner Auto highlights the same sativa buzz and funky berry terpenes as its parents.

Bruce Banner Auto lineage is an impressive list of notable names, including the aforementioned OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel strains and their parentages, such as Strawberry Cough, NY Diesel, and Chemdawg — all potently cerebral strains showcasing sweet fruits and twangy chemical notes. 

Bruce Banner Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Bruce Banner Auto flavours and aromas are complex and abundant with flavonoids and terpenes. Full-grown plants are heavy with a resinous, diesel funk, and the first smoke will deliver dank berries topped with sticky hints of gas and citrus. 

Delivering this pleasing mix of aromatics, Bruce Banner Auto dominant terpenes include the dank and fruity myrcene, as well as linalool, with its citrusy diesel notes and abundant sweetness. Additionally, caryophyllene presents earthy flashes of citrus and spice that bleed into the haze of intoxicating chemical fruit. 

Bruce Banner Auto Strain Effects 

Fastbuds Seeds seed bank is known for potent plants with towering effects, and Bruce Banner Auto weed is no different. Euphoric terpenes and a dominant-sativa leaning create a powerful cerebral high with relaxing body effects, with minimal indica heaviness. 

Bruce Banner Auto THC levels weigh in at a hefty 25% with a low CBD content, perfect for packing an immediate punch. The entourage effect is in high gear in this strain, as body effects and pleasing relaxation accompany the productive energy, making this an excellent strain for an active outing with friends or creative outputs at home.

Bruce Banner Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Bruce Banner Auto medical seeds produce exceptional medicinal power for various ailments, showcasing anti-anxiety effects that calm and expand the mind for greater clarity. These autoflowering seeds create controlled and relaxed energy with each session, coupled with pleasant, full-body relief.  

You won’t have to worry about couch lock from over-indulgence, but the rich myrcene and linalool content of this Bruce Banner autoflower will provide body and mind sedation, easing pains and relieving stress and anxiety. 

How to Grow Bruce Banner Auto Strain 

Growing Fastbuds Seeds Bruce Banner Auto feminized seeds is an enjoyable and hands-on experience. But with plants capable of reaching up to 150cm and with plenty of sturdy side branches, some prior experience with SCROG growing techniques and Low-Stress Training will ensure optimum growth, tantalizing terpenes, and potent strength from this impressive hulk of a strain. 

Bruce Banner Auto yield indoors can be as high as 600 grams per plant/m2, but outdoor growers with plenty of space will be able to coax these beauties into their full, incredible potential.

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds flowering time is 10-11 weeks after germination, allowing for its bushy growth absolutely covered in resinous, bright green buds. Dark brown pistils dot the surface of each nug, with trichomes enveloping the entire plant, even frosting the trim leaves until she nearly glows with thick resin.