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Amnesia Haze x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

Delivering classic head highs and high-quality yields in a short 70 days from germination, Amnesia Haze Auto from Fastbuds Seeds is an autoflowering version of the mind-blowing cannabis cup-winner that boasts a potent THC content and grows so fast you might forget you’ve even planted it!

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Amnesia Haze Auto Genetics

Bred for speed, strength, and easy growth, Amnesia Haze Auto marijuana seeds from Fastbuds Seeds mean that anyone can try their hand at growing this Amsterdam Coffeeshop classic at home without the long wait time. Amnesia Haze Auto lineage was formed from the original Dutch Haze strain, whose genetics profile has been traced back to a South Asian and Jamaican landrace cultivar and supercharged with ruderalis DNA to speed up the growth rate.

Perfect for impatient gardeners, these autoflowering seeds will begin to bloom around 70 days into the growing cycle, requires little attention, and still features the same cup-winning, sativa-dominant cerebral effects that found its legendary parent its fame.

Amnesia Haze Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Amnesia Haze Auto flavour profile isn’t too dissimilar from other haze strains, but there’s something rather special about its nostalgic earthy lemon tang that’s sure to bring back good memories for veteran smokers. Notes of cedarwood join the dominant spicy kush aromas and tastes, adding up to a rich but smooth and pungent smoke when put to flame.

Amnesia Haze Auto dominant terpenes are myrcene and limonene – a chemical compound that also is found in high concentrations in citrus rinds. This explains the strain’s lemony flavours but also its mentally stimulating effects as limonene is also known to have an uplifting influence on the central nervous system.

Amnesia Haze Auto Strain Effects

Like the original Amnesia Haze, Amnesia Haze Auto effects are unlikely to give you memory loss but will provide an inspiring cerebral experience that you’re unlikely to forget. Its sativa genetics provide an energetic buzz that’ll lift your spirits almost instantly while putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face that lasts for hours. With heavy use, the strain’s indica side will eventually kick in, providing more physical relaxation and feelings of drowsiness, but if consumed in moderation, this is an ideal strain for enjoying during the day for a little creative inspiration.

Although couchlock won’t be a concern with this sativa-dominant strain, novice users should remember that Amnesia Haze Auto THC level can reach as high as 22%. Coming from a long line of powerful sativa strains, its potent cerebral effect may be too intense for some to handle, so don’t forget to use with caution if you’re susceptible to mind-race or cannabis-induced paranoia.

Amnesia Haze Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Amnesia Haze Auto medical seeds are an excellent choice for growers looking to enjoy the specific therapeutic uses of sativa plants. The powerful stimulating and euphoric effects of Amnesia Haze Automatic make it especially suited to those suffering from fatigue or who have trouble maintaining focus. This even applies to patients with more serious or chronic conditions like ADHD and CFS, who may benefit most from its psychoactive attributes.

As a high limonene, high THC/low CBD cannabis strain, it’s also an excellent mood stabilizer. Amnesia Haze Auto medical benefits extend to conditions like depression and anxiety as studies have shown limonene can normalize stress hormone levels while increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in regions of the brain linked with these debilitating medical conditions.

How to Grow Amnesia Haze Auto Strain

These autoflower seeds feature a full-blooded sativa heritage that makes them especially ideal for hot climates. When grown outside, where the sun can help it achieve its maximum potential, this Amnesia x Ruderalis cross can easily reach heights of 90–150cm, so if you choose to grow indoors, topping, LST or SOG techniques are recommended to reign in its voracious growth. Whatever the case, growing Amnesia Haze Auto requires ample growing space, so make sure you’ve got room for these tall plants to stretch before planting.

Thanks to their autoflower genetics, these cannabis seeds are simple to grow with the proper setup. Amnesia Haze Auto-flowering time has also been cut to a lightning-quick ten days, and this incredible time-saving attribute means multiple harvests can be achieved in quick succession. If left to grow to full size, Amnesia Haze Auto yields can max out at 600-650 gr/m² indoors, and outdoor growers can expect medium-high yields of chunky, rust-tinted buds.