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Zkittlez x Blue Monkey

by Exotic Seeds

Specially crafted for candy lovers with high THC tolerances, Zkittalicious is an amped-up indica hybrid from Exotic Seeds that’s just as sweet as its parent but with double the psychoactive potency.

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Zkittalicious Strain Genetic Profile

Zkittlez may be a multiple cup-winning cannabis strain with a delicious taste and smell that’s enjoyed around the world, but it’s far from the strongest or highest yielding phenotype. The Exotic Seeds breeders have righted that wrong by combining its legendary DNA with Blue Monkey – an original blend of Gorilla Glue #4 and a Black Domina x Blueberry hybrid.

Known for its potency and high production rates, this fast-growing and formidable indica/sativa crossbreed has lent Zkittlicious lineage a wealth of welcome benefits that, when paired with its other parent’s award-winning genes, makes for a formidable new experience for fans of the original flavour.

An indisputable improvement on the fan-favourite Zkittlez formula, Zkittlalicious marijuana seeds are perfect if you’re after a similar candy flavour but with a more significant THC hit. Now available from Marijuana Grow Shop as feminised cannabis seeds, this spectacular hybrid is highly suitable for first-time cultivators and frustrated concentrate creators who have struggled to bring similar delicious tasting strains to term.

Zkittalicious Terpene Profile

Just like its parent, which gets its name from the hard-shelled candy of a similar name,
Zkittalicious flavour is sweet and fruity and incredibly moreish. GG4 genes have also lent the strain a lingering chemical quality that somehow compliments its sugary overtones, even though it can become a nuisance in the later stages of flowering. Hints of berry, sour lemon, skunk, and exotic fruit all combine to give this plant an unforgettable appeal that pairs perfectly with a vaporiser but is also equally enjoyable when smoked or consumed as concentrates.

Zkittalicious abundant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and alpha-pinene, but it’s also rich in linalool and myrcene. This rich blend of different chemical compounds is what gives the strain its tutti-frutti taste, with each contributing to a different aspect of its flavour.

For instance, caryophyllene and pinene are known for their chemical-tinged and spicy kush scents, while myrcene and limonene have fruitier qualities.

Zkittalicious Strain Effects

Thanks to its hybridized genetics, this indica-dominant plant provides long-lasting cerebral and physical enhancement but with a slightly stronger impact than its predecessor. Prepare for an enhanced state of mental euphoria that’ll make your head swim before a deeply relaxing sensation takes over, rapidly bringing you down to couch level. Don’t expect to accomplish much from this point onwards, as you’ll be hard pushed to do much more than reach for the TV remote, so save this relaxing sugar strain for the late evening or a lazy Saturday inside.

Whether you’re a recreational user or consuming for medical purposes, Zkittalicious effects are strong enough to satisfy almost every stress-related requirement, although those particularly prone to couchlock should stick to the original flavour. Zkittlez has a THC content of around 20%, and though Exotic Seeds haven’t provided us with Zkittalicious exact THC levels, they have advised that it’s a far stronger pheno than its mother plant.

Zkittalicious Medical Benefits

Zkittalicious medical seeds have numerous curative qualities, but the intensely relaxing effects of this Zkittlez x Blue Monkey cross are especially suitable for patients with stress-related conditions. THC is known to activate CB-1 receptors within the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn decreases levels of stress hormones in the body. In a strain with high THC levels such as this, these relaxing effects are especially pronounced and are also assisted by terpenes like myrcene and linalool, which have a similar effect on the central nervous system.

Zkittalicious medical benefits also extend to patients with appetite problems. We’re all familiar with ‘the munchies’ — the cannabis-related phenomenon that results in a sudden appetite increase — and this phenotype is particularly good at inducing this effect.

For users with eating disorders or those who are taking medications that cause a loss of appetite, it’s an excellent option for making mealtimes a little easier, while its delicious flavour makes the experience even more enjoyable.

How to Grow Zkittalicious Strain

Although this indica-dominant strain is suitable for first-timers, if you’re planning on growing Zkittalicious feminised seeds outside, you’ll need a mild and dry climate like that of northern California. It’s a little easier to raise than its parent and responds well to SCROG, LST, lollipopping and all manner of training techniques.

Indoor growers are recommended to install carbon filters early on to help counter the plant’s pungent smell and to trim regularly to ensure proper light penetration. It’s a voracious phenotype, and its bud sites can easily become overcrowded, so keep a close eye on your plants and don’t be afraid to break out the garden shears if you’re getting short on space.

Inside, Zkittalicious flowering time is around nine weeks from germination, which is actually quicker than some autoflowering strains while still giving you plenty of time to prepare the final steps of the cultivating process. In addition to its speed and higher potency, this feminised photoperiod plant also has a far higher production rate than its multiple cup-winning parent, and growers can expect Skittalicious outdoor harvest yields to range from 500-550g per m/2Z. As Zkittalicious is an especially tasty strain and great for making extracts and concentrates, consider applying terpene boosting techniques to bring out its fruity flavour in full.