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Tropicana Cookies F2 #5 x Tropicana Cookies F2 C-Cut

by Exotic Seeds

Jury-rigged from two radically different Tropicanna cuts, Tropical Fuel is a volatile indica strain from Exotic Seeds with a uniquely orange diesel bouquet and plenty of psychoactive power to get your motor running.

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Tropical Fuel Genetic Profile

Using Oni Seeds’ famous Tropicana Cookies strain as a base, Exotic Seed have created their own spin on the fan-favourite formula with Tropical Fuel marijuana seeds. Bred from a Tropicana Cookies F2 ‘C-Cut’ and a Tropicana Cookies F2 #5 strain – two plants of the same breeding stock, but with wildly different characteristics – Tropical Fuel lineage mixes the orange aromas of the former, the fuel flavours of the latter, and the psychoactive intensity of both combined, into a single, quick-growing indica plant that’ll set your mind ablaze.

Excellent for vape use or creating cannabis extractions, the plant’s pervasive and delightful aromas are a terp-hunter’s dream come true, while its unusual and incendiary colour palette makes it a pleasure for the eyes as well as the nose. Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, supercharge your own cannabis collection with this high-octane, high-producing pheno.

Tropical Fuel Strain Terpene Profile

The environmentally-friendly emissions produced from this particular kind of offroad fuel are pretty pungent but are also infused with a tropical quality that you’re unlikely to find at your average gas station. Combining the exotic citrus elements and eye-watering diesel notes of two different phenotypes, Tropical Fuel aroma is pleasant but incredibly intense and will quickly stink up smaller grow houses once it’s out of the vegetative stage.

When smoked or used in a vaporizer, the strain has a refreshing orange juice flavour with whispers of oak, skunk, and cedar, more of that metallic petrol taste, and just a subtle hint of sweet vanilla as a reminder of its Cookies heritage.

Caryophyllene is the chemical that’s thought to give many kush cannabis strains their kerosene tang, along with similar intense smelling terps like humulene, terpinolene, and alpha-pinene. Tropical Fuel abundant terpenes also include limonene – a sesquiterpene that’s found in fruit peel – and it’s these two aromatic compounds that have produced the strain’s unmistakable orange diesel profile.

Tropical Fuel Strain Effects

This indica/ sativa cross has a balanced but pronounced psychoactive effect and is suitable for daytime consumption. Overall, Tropical Fuel effects are stimulating and high-octane, imbuing the consumer with feelings of euphoric energy and positivity. Excellent for aiding concentration, inspiring creative processes, or tackling physical activities, it’s a tremendous strain for boosting productivity. However, as the experience races to a close, you’re sure to feel surprised and satisfied with how much you’ve managed to achieve whilst under its influence, as you slip into a calming, physical buzz as an end reward.

Tropical Fuel THC is categorized as high, and although it hasn’t been tested under lab conditions, its parent strain regularly measures at around 16-21%. Its effects aren’t as sedative as many indica dominant plants and can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. However, it can make your mind race at breakneck speeds if consumed in excess, and lower tolerance users may find this sort of supercharged ride a little too extreme for their tastes.

Tropical Fuel Strain Medical Benefits

A full tank of Tropical Fuel is near-guaranteed to get your motor running. Great for giving your day a little jump start, low energy users and even those with medically diagnosed fatigue disorders will find that its invigorating approach can increase motivation and revitalize tired minds and bodies. Although these kinds of effects are more common in sativa strains, consumers may be surprised to discover that cannabis grown from Tropical Fuel medical seeds is the perfect indica-dominant concoction for improving productivity.

Tropical Fuel medical benefits may also be helpful to those with generalised anxiety disorders. It’s rich in limonene and alpha-pinene – two terpenes known for their calming and anti-anxiety effects – and although primarily a strain for energy, it can also alleviate feelings of agitation or offer a confidence boost when fear and diffidence come knocking.

How to Grow Tropical Fuel Strain

Growing Tropical Fuel seeds is easy, quick, and incredibly rewarding. Designed to give even first-time cultivators an easy ride, these feminized seeds flower fast, thrive in almost any environment, adapt readily to SOG or SCROG setups, and require practically zero maintenance, making them the lazy gardeners dream. Some odour control measures will need to be taken once Tropical Fuel flowering time rolls around as its sweet diesel scent can quickly overpower indoor grow rooms. This should occur around eight weeks after germination, which is not as quick as that of an autoflowering strain, but still offers plenty of time to make preparations if you want to avoid getting caught short.

Highly prized for its eye-catching flowers, this phenotype features a subtle but impressive blend of purple, red, and blue shades running through its voluminous buds, giving it tremendous bag appeal once cut and cured. Make sure not to rush this all-important final step, as quick-drying can easily turn your delicious terpene-rich results into a flavourless disappointment.

Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of product to work with as Tropical Fuel yields are more than adequate. Indoor growers can expect their plants to produce around 450-500g of bud per/m2 under optimum conditions. For an outdoor harvest, this Tropicana Cookies F2 x Tropicana Cookies F2 plant will be ready around late September and remember – their frosty fan leaves can also be used to make all kinds of delicious edibles and extracts.