Buy Quick Sherbet strain seeds

Black Lemon x Sunset Sherbert

by Exotic Seeds

Cutting down on the growing time of the iconic Sunset Sherbet, Quick Sherbet is a fast-flowering, lemon candy cultivar from Exotic Seeds that offers potent, purple-tinged indica-dominant results in only seven weeks.

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Quick Sherbet Genetic Profile

Quick Sherbet marijuana seeds are a new product from the Exotic Seed designed to make marijuana cultivation more accessible to busy growers. Taking Sunset Sherbert – an iconic mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties from Mr Sherbinski – and blending its genetics with their own Black Lemon phenotype, the seedbank has produced a voracious indica hybrid that retains all of the former’s tangy flavour and full-bodied effects, but with a fraction of the growth time.

Despite lacking autoflower genetics, Quick Sherbet lineage was created with quick flowering in mind and growers with limited time on their hands or seeking rapid turnovers will be especially delighted with its performance. Producing picture-perfect purple-tinged plants, this fruity strain is now available as feminized seeds from MGS, so if you’re seeking fast-flowering rates and fresh flavours, why waste any more time looking elsewhere?

Quick Sherbet Strain Terpene Profile

Both parent strains are known for their tangy citrus profiles, so it’s unsurprising that Quick Sherbet flavour largely follows suit. Expect a sour scent that’s similar to lemon ice cream and a similar taste that’s a little sweeter with hints of pine and skunk coming through. Sharper noses may notice subtle hints of hash and a whiff of OG Kush funk – a callback to Sunset Sherbet – sometimes known as Sherbet OG – and its complex genetic profile.

Quick Sherbet dominant terpene is limonene – the same acerbic aromatic compound that gives oranges and lemons their flavour. Alpha-pinene provides its refreshing menthol kick, while beta-caryophyllene is responsible for its spicer, more robust flavour qualities. Together, these three terpenes, along with many others like myrcene and ocimene, also influence the strain’s psychoactive direction and mitigate many of the adverse effects associated with THC.

Quick Sherbet Strain Effects

Exotic Seed describe Quick Sherbet´s effects as being medium-high. At first, it has an intensely euphoric effect that fizzes through the mind with sativa-like electricity, sparking ideas and positive thoughts along the way. This cerebrally-charged sensation soon settles down into a more physically relaxing and contemplative experience that shouldn’t distract you too much from day-to-day tasks or impair your ability to focus.

Exotic Seed have yet to reveal Quick Sherbet THC level, but a quick look at its mother plant’s credentials can give us a fairly accurate idea of its overall strength. Sunset Sherbet can have a THC content of anything upwards of 15% and also possesses decent levels of CBG. As such, this Sunset Sherbet x Black Lemon possesses a pronounced psychoactive profile that’s gentle enough to be enjoyed by lower tolerance users. Some may still struggle with the initial headrush, however, which can come as a shock if you’re not expecting it, so consume with caution and find a calm and comfortable setting if you start to feel unwell.

Quick Sherbet Strain Medical Benefits

Indica-dominant plants are often used to treat physical ailments and sleep disorders, but many of Quick Sherbet medical benefits are ones you’d usually associate with sativa strains. Instead of a sedative kick, this strain’s initial effects are incredibly energising but also suitable for daytime use, which will come as great news to those struggling with fatigue disorders. When you’re feeling a little sluggish, a psychoactive pick-me-up like the kind this pheno provides is sometimes all that’s needed to help you find your motivation.

A fast flowering time makes Quick Sherbet medical seeds an excellent choice for easily distracted growers, but they may also be suitable for patients with medically diagnosed attention disorders like ADHD. In addition, those who find difficulty maintaining concentration may find the strain’s cerebral effects help them to stay focused on complicated tasks without distraction. It’s thought that these types of effects are caused by THC’s action on CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system and further enhanced by terpenes like alpha-pinene, which seems to positively influence memory.

How to Grow Quick Sherbet Strain

As its name suggests, the process of growing Quick Sherbet cannabis seeds is over almost as soon as it’s begun. The breeders at Exotic Genetics specifically chose DNA from Black Lemon to bring Quick Sherbet flowering time down to a lean seven weeks, which makes this plant almost as fast as an autoflowering strain. It thrives best inside or in a Mediterranean climate, and outdoor growers will be able to harvest between late September and late August, which is very early for a feminized strain.

Perfect for commercial purposes, if you’re planning on growing multiple plants at once, we recommend staggering their growth so that multiple turnovers can be achieved in a single season.

Black Lemon was also chosen for its haunting colour palette, which presents as beautiful dark purple shades in its descendent. Chunky, trichome-heavy indica plants are what growers can expect from this sumptuous Skunk cross, and though its citrus smell can be a little overpowering, its production rates are certainly nothing to be sniffed at. Under optimum conditions, Quick Sherbet yields can reach in excess of 500g per/m2, giving you plenty of tasty, energising indica bud for very little effort whatsoever.