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Exotic Colour x Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch

by Exotic Seeds

For drunken revelry without the residing hangover, try Purple Shot from Exotic Seed – an imposing indica-dominant cannabis concoction with a boozy fruit flavour, port wine colours, and incredibly intoxicating physical effects that’ll leave you feeling legless.

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Purple Shot Strain Genetic Profile

Using only the finest ingredients and years of industry experience, Exotic Seed have somehow managed to distil the taste and effects of strong liquor into a hard-hitting, indica-dominant cannabis hybrid. Purple Shot lineage follows an exquisite recipe derived from equal parts Purple Punch, Dos Si Dos, and the seedbank’s own elite Exotic Colours cultivar. When combined, these three complementary ingredients produce a plant that encompasses almost all of the attributes of a fruity alcoholic drink.

Expect a cocktail of heavily intoxicating physical effects, alluring alcohol-tinged fruit flavours, and eye-catching colours from this 100% proof plant from Exotic Seed. Now available from MGS in a feminized photoperiod form that’s quicker growing than many autoflower plants, Purple Shot marijuana seeds are a great option for commercial growers, aesthetic enthusiasts, and teetotallers looking for an alcohol-free alternative to their favourite tipple.

Purple Shot Terpene Profile

Purple Shot aroma is especially unique as this particular cannabis strain has a warming mouthfeel and flavour that’s not too dissimilar to the kind you get from a stiff drink. A complex combination of grape liquor and citrus are met with herbaceous hints and peaty undertones, with just a whisper of smoky kush spice giving the plant’s scent an air of sophistication. Its taste has comparable boozy quality, with flavours of stone fruit and skunk coming through on the inhale.

Purple Shot dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and humulene, which may be co-responsible for its bitter, yet slightly sweet, alcohol aesthetic. Humulene is what gives beer its hoppy flavour, and caryophyllene can sometimes taste and smell a little bit like fuel or chemicals. Myrcene is another important Purple Shot terp and provides the strain’s fruitier aromas while also helping to increase its knockout sedative effects.

Purple Shot Strain Effects

This aptly named purple strain hits like a shot of liquor. Purple Shot effects are predominantly physical and highly intoxicating. Expect a hazy, almost drunken cerebral experience that first clouds the head but heightens the senses, followed by a body-dropping indica high. These secondary effects arrive abruptly, numbing the body and quickly bringing you down to couch level, whilst your unfocused mind is left to wander untethered. Due to its overwhelming physical effects, Purple Shot is best saved for one of those days when you don’t have much to do, the pressure is off, and you’re free to relax without any prior commitments.

Purple Shot THC content seems to be very high. Exotic Seed haven’t provided exact THC levels, but it’s definitely one of the stronger indica-dominant options on the market and not intended for those of a lower tolerance. As one might expect, couchlock is a common side effect of this (Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos) x Exotic Colours combo, and a near-certainty if it’s consumed in excess. Those who do succumb to its sedative effects may suffer from a little residual memory loss at first, but unlike after a night of heavy drinking, you won’t wake up with a sore head, a bellyache, or any regrets of the night before.

Purple Shot Medical Benefits

Some say a snifter of whiskey is before bed is the best way to get to sleep if you’re struggling, but cannabis grown from Purple Shot medical seeds makes for a far better nightcap. A high THC and myrcene content have lent this plant powerful sedative effects that’ll floor even the most experienced consumers. Ideal for insomniacs, it can help provide users with an undisturbed night’s rest without any adverse effects presenting in the morning, making it a far better alternative to booze. Some patients even claim strong afghan strains such as this can be even more effective and over the counter medications.

Purple Shot medical benefits can also be used for pain management. THC and caryophyllene share anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities and can even increase each other’s efficacy via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. This strain is rich in both, and its full-bodied psychoactive effects are excellent for dulling pain and reducing swelling. It may not be a panacea, but patients with old injuries, chronic aches and pains, and even neuropathic conditions like cluster migraines, may find comfort from its physically relaxing approach.

How to Grow Purple Shot Strain

Growing Purple Shot seeds is a great way to add some colour to your garden. Not only were these feminized seeds bred from Purple Punch – a strain famed for its darker colour shades – but they also feature genes from Exotic Colours – an Exotic Seed exclusive bred from Peyote Purple #7, Sir Jack and P.C.K (Pakistan Citral Kush). This has resulted in a fast-growing, high-yielding plant with dark reddish and purple flowers, decent trichome coverage, and a robust, indica-dominant structure.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, it’ll thrive in almost any environment and can be harvested in late September if grown in the ground. When grown inside, Purple Shot flowering time is only eight weeks from germination, which is quick enough to rival many autoflowering plants.

As a high-producing indica breed, this strain adapts readily to SCROG, SOG, and other super cropping techniques and is an excellent choice for commercial cultivators looking to liven up their collection. It’s also great for extractions of all kinds due to its uncharacteristic flavour and amazing resin content.

Cultivators can expect Purple Shot cannabis seeds yields to average around 450-500g per m/2 under optimum conditions, offering far better value for effort than Purple Haze, Purple Kush Granddaddy Purple and many other fan-favourite purple phenotypes. For a solid and slightly unusual alternative to the usual fare, pick Purple Shot for your next grow and ready yourself for good times ahead!