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Medxotic CBD x CBD Therapy S1

by Exotic Seeds

A medically-enhanced mix of two of the Exotic Seed company’s bestselling CBD-rich strains, Medxotic Pure CBD is a feminized fruity-tasting cannabis plant that lacks the psychoactive effects of similar indica/sativa hybrids but doubles down on the curative potential.

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Medxotic Pure CBD Genetic Profile

Exotic Seed have many different choices available when it comes to your medical marijuana needs, but Medxotic Pure CBD cannabis seeds really tip the scale. For growers seeking a CBD-enriched cultivar with almost no THC content, this delicious 50/50 indica/sativa blend is the multipurpose plant you’ve been looking for. Crossbred from Exotic’s original Medxotic CBD strain and their popular CBD Therapy S1 strain, Medxotic Pure CBD lineage has been specially crafted for cannabis users with chronic health issues as its effects won’t interrupt concentration or impact upon your daily routine.

While not yet available in an autoflowering format, this feminized, photoperiod cultivar is also quick and easy to grow whatever your experience, so you won’t have to wait long or put in a lot of effort before the healing can begin. The world is slowly waking up to the wonderful health benefits of marijuana, so why not get in on the ground level with these dispensary-grade seeds from the breeders at the multiple award-winning Exotic seedbank.

Medxotic Pure CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Exotic seed Medxotic Pure CBD flavour is a fragrant and fruity mix that turns the acts of taking your medicine into a joy for all the senses. A subtle mix of melon and orange is met with strong herbal overtones, spicy hints of Kush and skunk, and a tropical aftertaste that lends the strain an essence of the exotic. Although its flavours are subtle, this plant’s smell is incredibly pungent and may require taking extra measures towards odour elimination if you’re seeking a discreet grow.

Medxotic Pure CBD dominant terpene is myrcene, but this isn’t the only chemical that plays a role in defining its taste and smell. Other terps like limonene and beta-caryophyllene are also present, while aromatics like nerolidol and bisabolol introduce subtler shades of flavour. This terpene mix also helps to increase the strain’s medical potential, working alongside and amplifying the effects of CBD via the entourage effect.

Medxotic Pure CBD Strain Effects

By combing two THC-light cultivars, Exotic Seed have created an advanced medical strain that has almost zero impact on the central nervous system. Medxotic Pure CBD effects are meant purely for medical means, and those looking for a strong psychoactive hit will be severely disappointed. Instead, users can expect a very mild range of soothing effects paired with plenty of antibacterial and neuroprotective benefits.

Medxotic Pure CBD THC level will rarely exceed 1%, but its CBD content is far higher by comparison. This means it won’t impact your concentration or energy levels. It can be used daily for chronic conditions with little issue and by users of any THC tolerance.

Medxotic Pure CBD Strain Medical Benefits

Medxotic Pure CBD medical benefits are wide-ranging. As a pure CBD strain, it’s highly suitable for more severe medical conditions that may not have responded to traditional treatment, like seizures and epileptic spasms. In a recent study, patients with MS and spinal cord injuries reported significantly reduced muscle spasticity and pain after using similar high CBD strains. Believed to be caused by cannabinoids influencing CB-1 and CB-2 receptors that reside in the motor cortex – the part of the brain which controls the body’s motor functions – these seizure-stopping effects are further enhanced by myrcene terpenes, making this myrcene-rich medical plant particularly powerful.

A world of health benefits lies at your fingertips when growing Medxotic Pure CBD medical seeds. High CBD/Low THC strains like this may help to reduce arterial blockages and could even work as a complementary treatment in skin conditions like psoriasis. This particular pheno is also an excellent option for potentially treating attention disorders like ADHD. It could help sharpen focus and mental acuity and may be used throughout the day to help ensure patients stay on track when engaged in complicated tasks.

How to Grow Medxotic Pure CBD Strain

Although this Medxotic CBD x CBD Therapy S1 cross is relatively simple to cultivate in both an indoor or outdoor environment, we recommend putting in some extra effort to ensure maximum medical potency. If you’re growing Medxotic Pure CBD marijuana seeds inside, stick to no more than 5-6 plants per square meter and feed regularly with fertilizer, as the macronutrients provided will help the buds will turn denser and more resinous.

Some staking may also be required to help your plants support themselves during the later stages of their life cycle. If these steps are taken, at around nine weeks from germination, flowering should begin, resulting in yields of around 480g/per m2. However, these amounts could be potentially increased with a SCROG set-up, light manipulation, or training techniques like LST.

Known as a high than average yielder, if grown outdoors, Medxoitc Pure CBD will yield an average of 550g of dried flower per plant, making it an excellent choice for commercial medical growers. It adapts well to mild and slightly warm temperatures and has a bushy, spruce-like appearance with decent internodal distance and frosty orange-licked buds. Medxotic Pure CBD short flowering time means that growers in the northern hemisphere should start their outdoor harvest around the start of October or April if grown in the south. These fuss-free seeds are fully equipped for cultivators of all abilities and make the process of planting, growing, and harvesting your own homegrown medicine surprisingly easy.