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Herz OG x Thin Mint Cookies

by Exotic Seeds

Named after one of Madrid’s trendiest neighbourhoods, Malasaña Cookies is a custom indica hybrid from Exotic Seed that stands in fitting tribute to the Spanish tourist hotspot with its captivating colours, choice flavours, and chilled-out effects.

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Malasaña Strain Genetic Profile

Malasaña is one of the coolest and most happening areas of Madrid, so, unsurprisingly, this hipster hotspot would eventually get its own cannabis strain. Malasaña Cookies lineage is an Exotic Seed original creation that mixes a Thin Mint Cookies mother plant with an elite clone of Herz OG — an exquisite Larry OG x Kosher Kush combination from the seed bank’s personal collection. The result is this incredible high producing indica-dominant plant that features a range of complex aromas, vivid purple flowers, and relaxing psychoactive effects that mimic the chilled out vibe of its namesake neighbourhood.

Offering incredibly generous returns and an abundance of high-quality cannabis resin, it’s an exciting high THC/low CBD strain for extract lovers and perfect for experimenting with newer kinds of concentrate like shatter, rosin, and dry resin.

Malasaña Cookies Terpene Profile

Malasaña Cookies aroma is citrus-laced and biscuity. A sumptuous smell of lemon cookies is what consumers and growers can look forward to, along with a sharp interruption of fresh lime, grapefruit, and skunk. Its flavour features many of the same sweet and sour attributes as its smell but also benefits from the strain’s prominent Kush ancestry, offering a hit of hash on the exhale and a rich aromatic aftertaste.

Malasaña Cookies dominant terpene is D-limonene. This is the reason it has such a prominent citrus flavour, as this chemical is also what gives lemons and limes much of their tart taste and smell. Results of studies on both humans and rats have shown that limonene also has powerful anti-anxiety effects due to its ability to increase serotonin and dopamine levels. As this strain has a rich Kush heritage, it’s probably rich in caryophyllene as well, which may account for its peppery exhale.

Malasaña Cookies Strain Effects

Malasaña Cookies effects range from physically relaxing to psychedelically stimulating. Its balanced and long-lasting effects are courtesy of its high THC content and mixed indica/sativa heritage and provide an experience that’s a little like wandering the barrios of Malasaña itself. Creatively inspiring and incredibly calming at the same time, it’s an excellent strain for sharing, but also equally suitable if you prefer to travel solo, so why not take a bite and find out the wonderful places this cosmopolitan Cookies strain will take you.

As already mentioned, Malasaña Cookies THC content is high, so expect a potent effect from this delicious but deceptive strain. It shouldn’t make you fall asleep or muddle your mental faculties, but in higher doses, its influence may become a little overwhelming, especially during social situations. Even the real Malasaña can cause a sensory overload if you’re unprepared, so if you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis, we recommend starting your journey elsewhere.

Malasaña Cookies Medical Benefits

According to the WHO, over 3% of the world’s population suffers from an anxiety disorder, and Malasaña Cookies medical seeds are a great choice if this applies to you. Its THC and terpene content are perfectly designed for reducing feelings of nervousness and alleviating panicky feelings. However, in higher doses, this strain may actually increase anxiety levels, so make sure to keep consumption to a minimum if you’re not used to its powerful effects.

Malasaña Cookies medical benefits can also be great for chronic stress disorders. Over time, stress can have an adverse effect on physical health, leading to overeating, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, and insomnia. The relaxing effects of this cannabis strain can offer an excellent distraction from troubling thoughts while also reducing some of these undesirable side effects. A 2018 study even showed that marijuana smoke could help to alleviate weight gain caused by stress without having any effect on pulmonary functions.

How to Grow Malasaña Cookies Strain

When growing Malasaña Cookies feminised seeds, it’s essential to read up about the growth patterns of different cannabis plants. Kush strains such as this tend to grow short and stocky, with mid-distance internodes and flexible secondary branches close to the central stem. As its highly resistant to cold and pests, it’s excellent for outdoor growth and indoor cultivation, but those in the latter category should take note that it can easily double in size during flowering, very similar to Girl Scout Cookies.

Malasaña Cookies cannabis seeds flowering time is about eight weeks from germination, which is pretty fast considering it lacks autoflowering genetics. The purple colours of its flowers are an absolute delight and contrast perfectly with the intense white shades of its crystal-coated calyxes. Growers can expect Malasaña yields to range from 450-500g per m/2 indoors to 600g when grown in an outdoor setting. Once ready for harvest, it’ll be incredibly sticky to the touch, so make sure to wear gloves when trimming to preserve all that terp and THC-rich resin.

Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, bring a little slice of Spanish sun to your own cannabis garden with Malasaña Cookies marijuana seeds.