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Gelato 33 x Do-Si-Dos x Malasana Cookies

by Exotic Seed

Adding a little Spanish flavour to the traditional Cookies recipe, Malasana Gelato is a sugary and unashamedly stylish high-THC treat from Exotic Seeds that stands in fitting tributing to the hipster home district it’s named after.

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Malasana Gelato Strain Genetic Profile

Named for the trendy Spanish neighbourhood with a reputation for 4/20 friendliness, Malasaña gelato marijuana seeds from Exotic Seeds bring all the fun and flavour of Madrid’s premier counterculture hotspot to homes and gardens of growers all around the globe. Malasana Gelato lineage include strains from across the length and breadth of the Cookies family, including Gelato 33, Do-Si-Dos, and the seed bank’s own Thin Mint Cookies x Herz OG crossbreed, Malasana Cookies. As such, growers can expect a faithful but improved interpretation of the sweet GSC flavour but with increased production and stability.

Producing a potent, physically-focused high that’ll help you laugh, love, and take appreciation from the little things, this indica/sativa pheno takes relaxation to the next level, and its long-lasting may also be suitable for medical users. Impressive to look at, easier going in the growth department than many autoflowering strains, and inspiring a cool, calming mindset, Malasana Gelato marks a delicious tribute to its home district and is now available from MGS as feminized seeds.

Malasana Gelato Terpene Profile

Malasana Gelato flavours and aromas encompass everything that makes the Cookie family of cannabis strains so unique. A delicious fruity flavour that’s sweet, creamy, and a little bit biscuity blends with earthy OG kush undertones and a skunky herbal taste that targets the tastebuds and lingers long after the last puff. Its sugary scent is just as delightful but can get a little overwhelming once this plant begins to flower, filling the nose with nostalgic smells of ice cream and citrus that’ll whisk you back to summers beside the sea or your last bowl of Ben & Jerry’s.

Scientific analysis hasn’t yet determined precisely which terpenes provide the sweet dessert flavours of Cookies strains, but it’s thought to be a combination of limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Malasana Gelato abundant terpenes also include linalool, which has a sweet and delicate flavour and a relaxing effect on the body. Along with humulene, it’s also one of the terpenes that’s thought to give craft beer its fruity, hoppy aroma.

Malasana Gelato Strain Effects

This (Gelato33 x Do-Si-Dos) x Malasaña Cookies creation is around 70% indica-dominant and offers a classic relaxing cannabis experience that’s meant for sharing. Inspiring deep conversations and hysterical laugher, it’s an excellent choice for an evening with friends and also provides a decent level of pain relief for medical users. You’ll only need a little taste to feel the full brunt of Masalana Gelato effects, but if you decide to overindulge, expect an overwhelming sedative counterattack from this bare-knuckle Cookies champion.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers a more cerebral experience from cannabis, this indica hybrid probably isn’t the best choice. Malasana Gelato THC content hasn’t been made public, but its Cookies progenitor is highly potent. Prepare yourself for a long-lasting sugar coma if you’re less well acquainted with high THC strains and an incredibly unproductive day if you consume within daylight hours.

Malasana Gelato Medical Benefits

Stronger indica dominant strains like this are highly prized by medical cannabis practitioners and patients because of their sleep-inducing influence. Weed grown from Malasana Gelato medical seeds makes for a perfect sedative midnight snack if you’re struggling to get some shuteye. The combination of a high THC content and a myrcene and linalool rich terpene profile makes it highly suitable for treating insomnia, parasomnia and other conditions that are known to disrupt our circadian rhythms.

Malasana Gelato medical benefits can also help consumers cope with mood disorders like depression. Its effects are known to provoke a spike in serotonin – a feel-good hormone that helps regulate our mood – and this can often result in the bouts of cannabis-induced laughter we commonly refer to as ‘the giggles’. If enjoyed in moderation, this sort of short-term burst of happiness can sometimes help medical marijuana patients cope better with their long-term mental health.

How to Grow Malasana Gelato Strain

When it comes to home cultivation, Girl Scout Cookies strains have quite a troublesome reputation. They’re often susceptible to temperature fluctuations, slow to grow, and particular about the kind of environment they’re reared in. However, this feminised photoperiod variety isn’t quite as finickety and will thrive indoors or outside with little protest.

If allowed to reach its full height, its resinous flowers will form in a large central cola, but if growers prefer more compact plants, topping early and implementing LST techniques will result in more lateral growth and multiple bud sites. This kind of adaptability makes growing Malasana Gelato feminized cannabis seeds an absolute joy.

In terms of appearance, Malasana Gelato lives up to the colourful style of its namesake neighbourhood. Its huge fan leaves look almost black in comparison to the chunky yellow-green buds it produces during flowering. Cultivators won’t have to wait too long until they see this for themselves as Malasana Gelato flowering time is only nine short weeks from germination, while outdoor growers can reap their rewards in mid-late October.

Exotic Seeds have also worked hard to ensure generous results from this delicious dessert strain. Expect Malasana yields to reach up to 450-500g/m2 under optimum conditions.