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Loud Berry x Afghani strain

by Exotic Seeds

Get on board the groove train with Hippieberry from Exotic Seed – a bodacious berry flavoured sativa-dominant hybrid cross that boasts a stimulating psychedelic lift to help you keep on truckin’ and relaxing aftereffects that preach peace, love, and positive vibrations.

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Hippieberry Strain Genetic Profile

Embrace your inner flower child with this far out and flavourful new pheno from the Exotic Seed Company. Hippieberry lineage is the result of a beautiful union of Hippie OG – a rare Afghani strain with unknown origins – and Loud Berry – an equally mysterious sativa plant bred by the Hippie Hill Genetics seed bank. A generous and easy-going choice for novice breeders, Hippieberry marijuana seeds produce sizable sativa-dominant plants with high THC levels and a range of really fruity aromas — ideal for those who looking to let their freak flag fly!

Now available as feminized seeds from MGS, this strain is great for unlocking the doors of perception and sharing with your fellow freethinkers. So don’t be a square and miss out on one of the most exciting cannabis strains of the new age with this righteous and radical crossbreed from Exotic Seed!

Hippieberry Terpene Profile

Although Hippieberry flavour could be fruitier, its incredible aroma more than makes up for the fact. You won’t find any trace of patchouli here — instead, growers can look forward to juicy berry scents, echoes of OG Kush, and a strong citrus undertone from this fragrant cannabis cultivar, with hints of lavender and earthy incense emerging later in its flowering period. Its taste is similar, though a little less sweet, and whether smoked or vaped, there’s plenty of dynamic flavours to be found.

Hippieberry cannabis seeds dominant terpenes include limonene and myrcene. These two chemicals also occur naturally in many different types of fruits, accounting for the strain’s berry and citrus flavours, but the origin of its subtler floral scents is more challenging to pinpoint. Limonene is also known for its energising and anti-anxiety effects — just another reason why this socially-uplifting strain is such a crowd-pleaser.

Hippieberry Strain Effects

Hippieberry effects are uplifting and invoke all kinds of free-spirited feelings but are also paired with a relaxing indica undercurrent if you’re the kind of cat who prefers to mellow out. As a sativa dominant strain, its euphoric side is particularly pronounced and provides a surge of imaginative energy that’ll blow your mind wide open. Users can look forward to a chatty, happy buzz that lasts all afternoon and a pleasant pain-killing tingle in the body.

Similar to its heritage, Hippieberry THC content is not yet known, but Exotic Seed have classified its potency as medium-high. Great for social gatherings and hangouts, its sedative effects are minimal, and consumers can get their groove on at any time of the day without any fear of nodding out. However, moderate use is recommended, especially for low tolerance users, because too much Hippieberry can easily harsh your buzz.

Hippieberry Medical Benefits

If you’re struggling to keep up with the in-crowd or even suffer from medically diagnosed fatigue disorder, then Hippieberry medical seeds are nature’s answer to your energy issues. The stimulating effects of THC and terpenes like limonene act in a similar way to the cannabinoid anandamide, which is responsible for the runner’s high we feel after exercise. As this Loud Berry x Hippie OG cross is rich in both and can be consumed throughout the day without issue, it’s the perfect plant to have to hand if you’re in need of a mental or physical lift.

Many medical marijuana users with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression use high THC cannabis – such as the kind grown from Hippieberry medical seeds – as a natural alternative to prescription medications. Its calming effect on the central nervous system and influence on hormones like serotonin can help encourage a more relaxed and positive mindset in consumers and temporarily stave off unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Cannabis can also feature fewer side effects than traditional pharmaceuticals and is much faster acting, but if you do suffer from a diagnosed disorder, it’s important to consult a professional if you’re considering a different course of treatment.

How to Grow Hippieberry Strain

Growing Hippieberry seeds is the ultimate trip! Choose a hydroponic setup if you’re looking for maximum results, or plant them straight in the ground for a more traditional approach and let mother nature do the heavy lifting. Whatever the case, this feminized photoperiod cultivar won’t cause any hang-ups, and unlike many other sativa strains, it doesn’t take up much room and adapts readily to LST and SCROG. Hippieberry yields are also higher than average and, depending on how she’s housed and fed, this plant can deliver up to 450-500g per m/2 of dense and delicious orange-flecked flowers.

Sativa cannabis plants are often slow to mature, but Hippieberry flowering time is about ten weeks from germination, which is actually quicker than some autoflowering strains. She doesn’t require much maintenance, but we do recommend using carbon filters for a discreet grow and trimming her bigger fan leaves to increase light distribution to the bud sites. This will ensure a larger and more delicious crop overall as light intensity and penetration is easily one of the most important aspects of marijuana home growth.