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Loudberry x CBD Therapy S1

by Exotic Seeds

Boasting a coveted 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and a decent psychoactive buzz alongside potent pain-killing effects, let your freak flag fly with Hippie Therapy CBD – a dispensary-grade sativa plant from Exotic Seeds that’s been bred for those who like their medicine with a little kick!

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Hippie Therapy CBD Genetic Profile

Representing Exotic Seed’s first 1:1 THC/CBD strain, Hippie Therapy CBD lineage was created in partnership with the Hippie Hill Genetics seed bank and blends genes from a THC-dominant sativa and a CBD-rich medicinal plant. This has resulted in a potent medical strain with additional psychoactive effects, giving users powerful pain-killing and inflammatory relief but with a pleasant cerebral buzz.

A sweet and fruity smell inherited from Loudberry, blended with the hardy growth of its CBD Therapy S1 parent, has also made this feminized photoperiod plant a joy to cultivate for first-time medical growers as well as professional herbalists.

Bringing peace, love, and groovy vibes galore but also dispensary grade therapeutic benefits that deliver, Hippie Therapy CBD marijuana seeds – which are now available from the Marijuana Grow Shop online store – find the perfect balance between healthcare and sensory bliss, making this indica/sativa blend ideal for a little psychoactive daytime therapy.

Hippie Therapy CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Hippie Therapy CBD flavour is fruity, refreshing and especially delicious when consumed via a vaporiser. Its incense-like aroma blends hints of juicy purple grape, citrus, and fragrant pine with the earthy smell of cloves and black pepper, creating a wickedly bohemian scent that smacks of sophistication. The strain’s far-out flavour, which borrows heavily from its Loudberry parent, is somewhat reminiscent of gummy bears but with an earthy aftertaste and hints of maple, blackberry, and sweet hashish on the exhale.

Hippie Therapy CBD dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which is one of the most common cannabis kush terps but probably better known as the chemical that gives black pepper its pungency. This Loudberry x CBD Therapy S1 strain is also rich in humulene, alpha-pinene, and ocimene – a monoterpene with a sweet floral scent that’s named after the ancient Greek word for basil.

Hippie Therapy CBD Strain Effects

Despite its sativa lineage, Hippie Therapy CBD effects are almost entirely body centred. Users will notice a slight uplift in mood and some cerebral euphoria, but its physical impact is far more pronounced and invokes a calm, relaxed sensation while simultaneously providing pain relief. It won’t make you as sleepy as its CBD Therapy parent, making it an excellent accompaniment for all kinds of activities and a great way for medical peaceniks to enhance their life experience.

As Exotic Seed Hippie Therapy CBD was created by crossing a strong-armed THC-rich sativa and a medicinal plant with only trace amounts of THC, the strain’s own psychoactive potency falls somewhere in the low-medium range. Expect Hippie Therapy CBD THC levels to peak at 9%, with CBD levels averaging around 10%.

Since its gentle effects are active on a physical level but relaxing at a muscular level, it can be consumed throughout the day by flower children of all tolerances and provides the perfect balance between medical relief and recreational enjoyment.

Hippie Therapy CBD Strain Medical Benefits

With its unique 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, Hippie Therapy CBD medical seeds are ideal for herbalists with a range of health disorders. CBD can be used to treat everything from glaucoma to gastrointestinal disorders, but this strain’s particular chemical makeup is particularly effective for inflammatory conditions that affect mobility.

Rich in anti-inflammatory terps like caryophyllene and boasting decent levels of pain-killing THC, it’s ideal for patients recovering from a recent injury or for older users with swollen joints or arthritic pain.

Hippie Therapy CBD medical benefits may also be of use to those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. By stimulating serotonin and producing a calming, relaxed demeanour in the user, CBD has shown tremendous promise in reducing many of the symptoms of PTSD, which can range from night terrors to debilitating anxiety attacks. Many prescription treatments come with equally unwanted side effects, which is why the gentle relief offered by cannabis strains like this is often far more preferable for long-time sufferers.

How to Grow Hippie Therapy CBD Strain

As a sativa-dominant strain, growing Hippie Therapy CBD feminised cannabis seeds will require a little extra space as the plants they produce can reach up to 20ft in height. Indoor cultivators, in particular, are advised to control the vertical growth of their plants with a pruning technique like LST or FIM, as this can result in shorter plants without harming bud growth.

However, bigger plants generally mean bigger gains and growers who let their garden grow to its full potential can expect Hippie Therapy CBD yields to reach 600g per/m2 in an indoor grow tent or 800g per plant outside.

Producing bushy sativa plants with extremely resinous, voluminous orange-wreathed flowers and massive crystal-dusted fan leaves, these feminized, fuss-free seeds are otherwise easy to grow and are a great choice if you’re interested in crafting your own CBD tinctures or extracts. Hippie Therapy CBD flowering time is around nine weeks from germination and will be ready for harvest around early October for outdoor growers.