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With virtually zero psychoactive effects but high levels of cannabigerol, Exotic Pure CBG is an experimental cultivar from Exotic Seeds that’s ideal for medical growers looking to learn more about the healing powers of CBG — one of the marijuana industry’s most talked-about chemical compounds.

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Exotic Pure CBG Strain Genetic Profile

Many scientists think CBG may be the most important compound of the cannabis plant. Known as the ‘mother molecule’ from which all other cannabinoids likely originate, it was first discovered in 1964 and is currently being studied around the world for its potential pharmacological properties.

Exotic Pure CBG from Exotic Seed is one of the seedbank’s first cannabis strains to ever be bred specifically for its CBG content. Similar to a pure CBD strain, this plant boasts almost no psychoactive effects, but its high levels of CBG make it an excellent choice for strain hunters and medical breeders who are interested in uncovering the chemical’s salubrious secrets.

Although Exotic Pure CBG lineage is a closely guarded secret, this 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid is quick to flower, highly suitable for commercial growing, and has a spicy, smoky flavour that’s perfect for vape use and incredibly forgiving on the tastebuds. Medical science is only just beginning to uncover the miraculous ways CBG can support our endocannabinoid system, so why not get in on the ground floor with these feminised seeds from MGS?

Exotic Pure CBG Terpene Profile

In terms of its flavour and aromas, even long-term consumers would struggle to tell the difference between this CBG-rich pheno and a standard cannabis plant. Exotic Pure CBG aroma is fresh and fruity with the herbaceous notes of a skunk strain, while its flavour is spicier and closer to that of a Kush cultivar. This mix may point to its original heritage, which remains under closely guarded secret, but likely fuses attributes from throughout the marijuana world.

Exotic Pure CBG dominant terpenes are unknown, but we can take an educated guess based upon the strain’s flavour profile. Caryophyllene is one of the most common cannabis terps and likely provides much of its pungency.

The more refreshing aspects of its flavour seem to be derived from alpha-pinene or limonene, while myrcene may be behind the fruitier scents growers will notice during flowering. Together, these terpenes may also help to increase the strain’s healing capacity, although it’s unclear exactly how much CBG is influenced by the entourage effect.

Exotic Pure CBG Strain Effects

Exotic Pure CBG effects have virtually no psychoactivity. Although this strain boasts 50/50 indica/sativa genetics, it won’t give you much of a physical or mental lift, but it may provide some level of gentle relaxation. As it was purposely created for its cannabigerol properties and has a very low THC content, users can consume this strain at any time of the day with the knowledge that it’ll have almost zero impact on their mental faculties.

Exotic Pure CBG THC levels are virtually undetectable. It may possess some trace amounts of THC, but this is unlikely to have much of an impact on the user, regardless of experience or tolerance. Unlike many medical strains, it doesn’t have a high CBD content either.

What’s important are this strain’s CBG levels, which are around 5% and much higher than found in most commercially available phenos. CBG is thought to be loaded with therapeutic potential, making Exotic Pure CBG great for medical users but an unwise choice for those hoping for recreational fun.

Exotic Pure CBG Medical Benefits

The medical properties of CBG are potentially endless. Some studies have revealed that it may slow the proliferation of cancer cells and even reduce cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers. In addition, recent research has shown it can also significantly reduce intraocular pressure and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. As such, Exotic Pure CBG medical benefits are highly suitable for patients with glaucoma — a condition that causes IOP and can lead to permanent eye damage if left untreated.

Exotic Pure CBG seeds may also be suitable for medical growers with gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease. The aforementioned anti-inflammatory effects of CBG can help relax inflamed tissue in the gut and reduce the production of stomach acid, leading to reduced physical discomfort and bloatedness. It can also make mealtimes easier by stimulating appetite, which was demonstrated by scientists in 2016 in a case study on male Lister rats.

How to Grow Exotic Pure CBG Strain

Growing Exotic Pure CBG won’t require a science degree — just some old fashioned gardening know-how. Under optimum conditions, these feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds will grow into pale green and yellow plants with a classic columnar structure and short internodal spacing. This makes them the perfect candidate for the Sea Of Green technique, which is an ideal choice for commercial growers looking to increase bud production.

Outside growers can also bulk up their plants by treselling and pruning, but even without implementing these kinds of methods, growers can still expect Exotic Pure CBG yields to average at a respectable 350-400g per m/2. When growing CBG strains such as this, timing harvesting correctly is absolutely critical.

Although Exotic Pure CBG flowering time is about nine weeks from germination and may be fully matured as early as October for an outdoor harvest, CBGA production is generally at its highest around six weeks into the flowering cycle. This short window occurs before all other cannabinoids can develop and is the optimum time to harvest your plants if you’re looking for the highest quality and maximum levels of CBG. Once picked, growers can either cure their crop as normal or use CO2 or ethanol extraction methods to produce powerful CBG oils.