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CBD Therapy S1 x Remedy CBD

by Exotic Seeds

A CBD-rich medical champion with practically no psychoactive effects, Dr Greenman Pure CBD from Exotic Seed is the perfect indica-dominant tonic for medical cannabis users seeking gentle relaxation without the THC hit. 

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Dr Greenman Pure CBD Genetic Profile

The marvellous medical potential of the cannabis plant is only just being discovered, and nobody knows this better than the folks over at the Exotic Seed seed bank. Using two specially selected medicinal strains – Remedy CBD and CBD Therapy S1 – the team have managed to produce a dispensary standard hybrid that’s rich in CBD but with a THC content of less than 1%. 

This makes these high yielding, fuss-free seeds ideal for users looking to benefit from the marijuana plant’s incredible curative potential while avoiding its psychoactive side. Dr Greenman Pure CBD lineage is also mostly indica-dominant, meaning this medically-enhanced cultivar also tastes terrific, has a mild relaxing hit, and inherits a rugged, robust growth pattern that’s highly suitable for super cropping.

Recreational enjoyment is only a small part of the cannabis experience. If you’re more interested in exploring a more natural alternative to traditional medicine, Dr Greenman Pure CBD marijuana seeds provide all the ingredients required to grow medical-grade marijuana from the comfort of your own home. Now available as feminised seeds from the Marijuana Grow Shop online store, why not start your own exploration of the healing side of this miraculous herb?

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD Strain Terpene Profile

With none of the bitterness that comes with swallowing tablets, Doctor Greenman Pure CBD flavour profile is an incredibly pleasant floral mix that makes taking your medicine a joy from start to finish. Defined by a diverse and complex aroma of berries, kush, and tropical fruit that combines with delicate scents of jasmine, violet and lavender, in terms of taste, users can expect a similar floral sweetness and undertones of spice and fresh pine from this captivating CBD strain. 

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD abundant terpenes include all the usual suspects like humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, but this strain also features a rich combination of secondary and tertiary terpenes like alpha-pinene, linalool, and nerolidol. This rich melange of subtler sesquiterpenes is what gives the plant its flowery fragrance and also play some role in influencing its medicinal properties.

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD Strain Effects

As this strain was made for medical use and features only trace amounts of THC – the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis – Doctor Greenman Pure CBD effects are very subtle but enjoyable nonetheless. Its indica-dominant heritage has given the strain a mild physical influence, which presents as a warming sensation in the muscles and a pleasant sense of wellbeing. 

These relaxing effects won’t impact on your day, meaning the healing effects of this Remedy CBD x CBD Therapy S1 cross can be enjoyed whenever required and make an excellent choice for newcomers who are looking for a gentle but effective introduction to the world of medical marijuana.

Exotic Seed have ensured that Doctor Greenman Pure CBD THC level will never exceed 1%, with most plants averaging levels at around 0.6%. This low cannabinoid content is this strain’s biggest selling point, along with its contrasting CBD levels, which can reach up to 12% if grown correctly. Highly suitable for day-to-day use for patients with chronic illness, it’s not really meant for recreational consumption, and users hoping for intense sativa-like cerebral effects or a heavy indica hit will be severely disappointed by this high CBD strain. 

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD Strain Medical Benefits

Doctor Greenman Pure CBC medical seeds were designed to help with a variety of health conditions. High levels of CBD and linalool make these cannabis seeds highly suited for patients with more severe or debilitating health conditions like epilepsy or Dravet’s syndrome. Through their interaction with the endocannabinoid system and effect on hormones in the body, both of these compounds have displayed powerful anti-convulsive properties and can reduce or even stop seizures in patients who have found little relief from prescription drugs.

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD medical benefits may also help patients with chronic stress disorders. Though THC has been known to reduce stress, CBD has shown an even greater calming effect on overworked minds and bodies. Many stronger cannabis strains can actually cause an increase in anxiety in some users or even symptoms of paranoia, but this medical plant comes with none of the adverse effects and all of the healing power. 

How to Grow Doctor Greenman Pure CBD Strain

Growing Doctor Greenman Pure CBD marijuana seeds is a simple and pain-free process that, like its medical impact, comes with few negative side effects. These feminized photoperiod seeds offer decent production rates and can be grown indoors or outside with success, though colder climates will result in bushier plants with shorter internodal spacing and, ultimately, smaller harvests. Under optimum conditions, growers can expect Doctor Greenman Pure CBD yields to reach around 300-400 g/m2 for indoor crops or 400-500 g/plant of dry herb when grown outside. However, its short and stocky indica growth style makes it highly adaptable to SCROG setups — great news for expert greenhouse growers with space issues or looking to get bump these end weights even higher.

A fast flowering rate also qualifies this pure CBD plant as a suitable choice for super cropping. Doctor Greenman Pure CBD flowering time is about eight weeks from germination (or mid-September if growing outside), and although this is shorter than an autoflowering strain, it still allows for multiple harvests in a single season if timed correctly. She’s a beautiful specimen, too, with dense and dank, yellow-tinged buds that look a darn sight more appealing than a bottle of pills! For medical growers everywhere who have struggled with similar CBD strains, this easy to grow example is exactly what the doctor ordered.