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Gorilla Glue x (Black Domina x Blueberry)

by Exotic Seeds

Blue Monkey is a brand new evolutionary form of Gorilla Glue from the Exotic Seeds company that boast the same potency and punchy chem terps as its primal parent but with a delicious berry surprise to sweeten the pot.

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Blue Monkey Strain Genetic Profile

After years of experimentation, the breeders at the Exotic Seeds company have come up with a curious new creation that retains all the bitter bite and sticking power of Gorilla Glue but adds a fresh and fruity undertone to the equation. Blue Monkey lineage combines classic GG#4 genes with DNA from a hybrid Black Domina x Blueberry crossbreed that’s been tinkered with by the seedbank over the course of several years. The result is a stable, supersized indica-dominant hybrid with a curiously sweet chemical flavour and a monstrous THC-driven right hook.

This cheeky cultivar won’t give you any monkey business in the growth department either. Instead, growers can expect decent lateral growth and high-density flowers from these incredible cannabis seeds, which are now available from MGS in a feminized photoperiod variety. Offering an exotic, fruity twist on a AAA fan favourite, Blue Monkey marijuana seeds are a true evolutionary marvel and the perfect addition to your homegrown jungle.

Blue Monkey Terpene Profile

In terms of its smell, Exotic Seeds describe Blue Monkey as the ‘sweet chemist’ of their cannabis collection. Much of the strong solvent-like scent of Gorilla Glue #4 remains but thanks to the strain’s fruity-flavoured father, it’s met with a sweet berry fragrance that cuts through the chemical tang, creating an evocative new flavour of the week. Herbal hints, whispers of skunk and cherry, and earthy kush accents are also present among Blue Monkey aromas and flavours, providing consumers with a delicious sensory experience that lasts long after the final exhale.
Chemically flavours like the kind found in Gorilla Glue are usually attributed to stronger smelling hydrocarbons like caryophyllene, alpha-pinene and terpinolene. These terps are present in many types of cannabis but are generally distilled from the resin of pine trees for industrial purposes. Blue Monkey abundant terpenes also include myrcene, which has a fruitier smell and also shares some responsibility for the strain’s heavyset sedative effects.

Blue Monkey Strain Effects

Gorilla Glue is one of the most notorious couch locking strains and passes much of its sedative influence onto its descendent. Blue Monkey effects are strongly indica-orientated and affect the user mainly at a physical level. Users will initially feel some cerebral stimulation and a noticeable lift in mood, but for the most part, it’s a strain meant for full-bodied relaxation and medically-enhanced stress relief. Get yourself comfortable, grab some snacks, and slip away into a hazy, tranquillizing high that’s pairs well with TV boxsets and an empty Saturday evening.

Exotic Seeds haven’t released Blue Monkey THC level to the public, but they have classified it as high. This may be an understatement, as GG#4 is widely considered one of the most potent cannabis strains around, with a THC content that can range from 25-31%. It hardly needs to be said that those of a low tolerance should give this imposing animal a wide berth.

Designed for nocturnal use only, even experienced users will have trouble fighting off its sedative effects. Unlike the similarly-named Blue Monkey CBD – a specialised CBD strain from Amsterdam Genetics – Blue Monkey from Exotic Seeds wasn’t designed specifically for medical use, but these qualities make it a safe bet if you’re struggling with a sleep disorder.

Blue Monkey Medical Benefits

If you find yourself often lying awake at night – your mind swinging from the trees – then one bite from this Blue Monkey is bound to bring you back down to earth. Just like its mother plant, the sedative effects of this strain are second to none, making Blue Monkey medical seeds ideal for insomniacs looking to start their own healing herb collection.
Blue Monkey medical benefits are also custom-built for chronic stress disorders. It’s an intensely relaxing strain and well equipped for clearing the mind of worries and anxiety. Its physical impact can also help relax tired muscles, reduce aches and pains, and help the body to unwind after an especially tough day.

How to Grow Blue Monkey Strain

The folks at the Exotic Seeds company worked for years perfecting Blue Monkey’s father plant to ensure stable, reliable growth whatever the season. As such, growing Blue Monkey cannabis seeds is easy and rewarding regardless of experience. These feminised seeds are suitable for indoor or outdoor growth, adapt readily to most, and produce squat, multi-branching indica plants, which may require support at the end of flowering Growers shouldn’t expect the kind of columnar growth you’d associate with a sativa strain or even much of a large central cola. Instead, this strain grows laterally, which makes it a choice candidate for SOG or SCROG.

The strain’s chemical smell can also become especially intense during this period. Blue Monkey flowering time is about nine weeks from germination, which is quicker than many autoflowering strains, so make sure to pick up some carbon filters well ahead in preparation. Outdoor cultivators can harvest around October and will also need to plan for the final stage of cutting and curing.
It won’t be a quick process either because, if grown correctly, Blue Monkey´s outdoor harvest yields can easily reach between 400-450g per/m2. This pheno’s parent is also one of the few that’s been known to breach the coveted 30% THC mark, so it might be worth investing in some UVB lighting to help increase the potential potency of your end product.