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Cookies & Cream x GG4

by Exotic Genetix

For fans of fruity indicas, Wet Betty from Exotic Genetix won’t leave you high and dry. This feminized indica-dominant cannabis strain isn’t only big on flavour but boasts a range of stimulating and medicinal effects.

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Wet Betty Strain Genetics

Wet Betty cannabis seeds are of several exclusive releases from the Exotic Genetix to feature Grease Monkey as a parent plant. Specially selected by its expert breeders, this potent mix of Cookies & Cream and GG4 makes an excellent jumping-off point for any strain.  

In this case, the seed company has paired its bestselling base strain with Gushers, a candy-flavoured, West Coast Cookie Fam creation which mixes Triangle Kush and Gelato #41 genetics. Together, these two hybrids have birthed an indica-leaning treat with excellent growth genetics that’s perfect for planters with little experience.

Wet Betty Strain Terpene Profile

If you’re into creamy candy flavoured cannabis strains like Zkittlez and Mint Chocolate Chip, Wet Betty will be right up your alley. Thanks to strong Cookies genetics and a terpene profile rich in limonene and myrcene, this fruity strain explodes with sweet lime and candy tones reminiscent of the confectionary that gave Gushers its name.

OG Kush genetics obtained passed down through Triangle Kush also lend it earthy, and diesel notes that have come to characterize the strain. These are the product of caryophyllene; a terpene found throughout the cannabis world but in especially high levels within these choice feminized seeds.  

Wet Betty Strain Effects

Along with its tantalizing taste, Gushers aka White Gushers is also known for its dizzying THC content, which can max out at over 24%. Wet Betty shares similar levels of potency, which takes the form of a pleasant, indica leaning high with impactful euphoric effects.

Initially energizing, its buzzy cerebral effects quickly settle down, before being replaced by gentle relaxation, but this can quickly turn to heavy sedation if overused. With this in mind, Wet Betty is not ideal for newcomers and should be enjoyed in moderation, ideally accompanied by a comfy setting.

Wet Betty Medical Benefits

With a high THC, low CBD cultivar as a parent plant, Wet Betty can be used for both mental and physical wellness and medical symptom management. Its unique chemical content, which also features high levels of caryophyllene, is particularly suited to easing chronic pain and inflammation.

Limonene and myrcene have also shown tremendous promise as appetite stimulants and nausea suppressants, which also makes these medical-grade cannabis seeds the perfect prescription for treating eating disorders.

How to Grow Wet Betty Strain

These feminized, indica-dominant cannabis seeds from Exotic Genetix have a fast flowering time of only 8-9 weeks from germination. Requiring little maintenance or advanced nutrients, Wet Betty can be cultivated by growers of any experience indoors, outdoors, or in a hydroponics set up. Closer to a sativa strain in appearance, its medium height and voracious growth rate also make this cannabis plant an ideal option for the SOG method of cultivation for those wishing to boost its yields further.

Boasting dark, purplish, trichome covered buds, and plenty of gooey resin, Wet Betty lives up to her name and can be utilized effectively to produce top quality cannabis concentrates. Now available via the MGS seedbank as female seeds, why not try your hand at growing this new Gushers x Grease Monkey cultivar from the Exotic Genetix seed company.