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GG4 x Cookies and Cream

by Exotic Genetix

Not all cannabis seeds need a long or unique name, sometimes, simply does it, as is the case with Tarts. Available as feminised seeds from the exotic seed experts, Exotic Genetix, Tarts is the combination of two proprietary EG hybrid strains, creating an indica-dominant hybrid with a potent THC level for a long-lasting high.

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Tarts Strain Genetics

Tarts is the unique combination of two Exotic Genetix strains, Wojo Mints, and seed bank favourite Grease Monkey. Grease Monkey, the child of GG4 and Cookies and Cream, is the jewel in Exotic Genetix’s crown, and Tarts looks set to challenge for the title of that popular cannabis seed.

Wojo Mints is a phenotype of the famous Cream D’Mint, another Cookies and Cream offspring, this time sharing its heritage with Mint Chocolate Chip. With so much sweetness in the genetics of Tarts cannabis seeds, you should know what to expect here, but somehow, you´ll still be impressed!

Tarts Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Tarts has been handed down predominantly from dominant kush-scented grandparent Cookies and Cream, but there’s plenty going on here to ensure this doesn’t just feel like a tribute strain.

Limonene is very present in this marijuana strain, creating a fruity, citrus-heavy, lingering tingle on the tongue on exhale, while caryophyllene adds an almost minty spice to the flavour on inhale. The familiar, herbal, skunk-like scent that fills the air after exhale comes from the presence of myrcene, the most common cannabis terpene.

Tarts Strain Effects

It’s tough for a high THC, low CBD content strain to hit the right tones of relaxation without making you super sleepy, but Tarts manages it with some aplomb. A chilled sense of euphoria takes over the full-body, complete with the potential for mild couch-lock, but without the knockout punch, similar marijuana strains can create.

Instead, giggle fits and deep and meaningful conversation are likely to be the order of the day with this cannabis strain. That said, when you finally do get to sleep, this strain will make sure it’s one of the most relaxing, and dream-filled nights you’ve ever had!

Tarts Strain Medical Benefits

The chilled, yet uplifting effects of Exotic Genetix’ Tart’s strain are reminiscent of this cannabis strain’s medical marijuana genetics. Potentially useful for those living with ADHD, this uplifting strain may quieten the mind and allow a genuine sense of relaxation, which can be beneficial in giving sufferers a break from symptoms.

Stress and anxiety may often be lifted when this strain is used as medical cannabis, with the limonene and myrcene working together with the caryophyllene and high THC level to remove stresses and soften the effects of anxiety.

How to Grow Tarts Strain Seeds

A seed bank favourite waiting to happen, Tarts is an easy indica-dominant cannabis strain to grow, with a fast indoor flowering time. Expect a rapid flowering time with Tarts, although 9-10 weeks may be necessary for some growers. Responding well to SOG growing techniques for indoor growers, these feminised seeds from Exotic Genetix should start sprouting pretty quickly. Greenhouse growing is also a good option here.

The growing habits lean towards the indica side of the genetics more than the sativa, so expect fairly stubby plants for discreet growth, but don’t let the size fool you. These are high yielding female seeds that offer bulky, deep green buds coated in trichomes for that stunning crystalised look so sought after by cannabis connoisseurs.