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Grease Monkey x Sherb

by Exotic Genetix

Sweat Helmet is a quick flowering, indica-dominant cannabis cultivar from Exotic Genetix with a sweet sherbet flavour and magnificent mood-altering abilities.


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Sweat Helmet Strain Genetics

Sweat Helmet, like almost all recent releases from the breeders at the Exotic Genetix seed co, pairs a popular cannabis strain with Grease Monkey – a potent combination of Cookies and Cream and Gorilla Glue that’s proved to be one of the seed company’s bestsellers.

Sherb (aka Sunset Sherbert), takes the starring role this time and brings all kinds of benefits to these feminized seeds. Famed for its candy smell and intoxicating indica-dominant effects, this blend of GSC, and Pink Panties makes the perfect partner to Grease Monkey and lends Sweat Helmet a similar sugary flavour, its quick flowering time, and an electrically-charged, full-bodied high.

Sweat Helmet Strain Terpene Profile

Sweat Helmet comes from a long line of sweet-tasting strains like GSC and Cherry Pie, but GG4 and OG Kush genetics have lent it an extraordinarily complex flavour profile that distinguishes it from its Cookies cousins.

Complex aromas of diesel and skunk are met with sweet berry and citrus and a fruity sorbet flavour reminiscent of its parent plant. This taste sensation is the product of humulene, limonene and caryophyllene terpenes along with over 120 other aromatic compounds that have been identified in cannabis as forming an entourage effect and lending each plant its particular taste and smell.

Sweat Helmet Strain Effects

Originally bred by Mr Sherbinski not only for its sumptuous flavours but its potent indica-dominant high, Sherb lends these feminized seeds from Exotic Genetix similar full-bodied effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy.

Users will find their worries, physical tensions, and sour moods melting away with the relaxed mental state and gentle numbing sensation that comes with this high-powered hybrid. Its mother strain is also known for inducing mild psychedelic effects thanks to its high THC content of 18-24%, and this latest addition to the Grease Monkey family can follow suit if consumed in high doses. As such, low tolerance users should consider selecting a less intense marijuana variety.

Sweat Helmet Medical Benefits

Terpenoids, sometimes called isoprenoids, can radically affect human behaviour and body function when ingested, particularly when combined with the influence of THC. Sweat Helmet seeds from Exotic Genetix are rich in both of these potent organic compounds, which makes them ideal for treating a range of medical conditions.

Caryophyllene and humulene are both excellent for managing physical pain and inflammation, while limonene, which can also be found in many citrus fruits, is known for its stress-relieving potential. Therefore, if traditional medication isn’t working for you, these medical seeds might be just the prescription you’re looking for! 

How to Grow Sweat Helmet Strain

Despite their indica-dominant genetics, Sweat Helmet feminized seeds produce medium/tall cannabis plants with sativa characteristics and boast a quick flowering time of 9-10 weeks from germination. 

Cultivators of any ability can expect generous harvests of chunky trichome-covered buds from this resilient, high-yielding strain from Exotic Genetix, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing conditions.

More experienced growers should consider the SOG method of cultivation to boost their yields even further, as this bushy, quick-growing cannabis hybrid makes the perfect candidate for this particular growth technique. Available now from MGS as feminized seeds, why not consider this Sherb x Grease Monkey combination for your next cannabis cultivating challenge?