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by Exotic Genetix

Runtz may be the king of candy cannabis strains, but Slapz – the Exotic Genetix seed company’s Greasy Monkey-fused upgrade – brings a pungent twist to the original formula along with higher returns and an indica-leaning backhand that means business.

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Slapz Genetic Profile

Marking another of Exotic Genetix’s marvellous Grease Monkey mashups, Slapz lineage combines the seed company’s celebrated Grease Monkey combo of GG#4 and Cookies and Cream with Runtz – the remarkable Gelato/Zkittlez hybrid that’s taken America’s marijuana market by storm.

Charactered by its astonishing aroma profile, impeccable performance, and powerful psychedelic effect, this indica-dominant Cookies pheno slaps the competition right out of the water and represents one of the Washington State-based seedbank’s highest-rated new strains.

Sugary tasting but with a tangy chemical bite, Slapz not only punches hard in the flavour department but boasts a heavy-handed psychoactive impact that can floor even frequent users. Available now as feminized seeds from the MGS online store, Slapz marijuana seeds offer a brand new spin on a West Coast best-seller and are sure to be a hit with fans of top-shelf product.

Slapz Terpene Profile

Slapz flavour profile is like an open-palm smack to the olfactory senses. The strain’s powerful scent features a pungent mix of candy, skunk, and chemical flavours, with hints of vanilla, gasoline and citrus coming through most prominently. Sweet on the tongue, but with an intensely sour diesel kick, it’ll give your tastebuds a run for their money and is well worth trying at least once in a vaporizer, if only for the flavour boost.

Uncovering which combinations of terpenes cause which flavours in cannabis plants is a complicated process, but the characteristic tastes of both OG Kush and cookies strains are usually attributed to Beta-caryophyllene. While it’s one of the most common terps found in cannabis, caryophyllene isn’t the only aromatic compound at work in this strain. Slapz abundant terpenes also include limonene, terpinolene, and humulene, with each ever so slightly altering its overall taste and smell, as well as contributing to its psychoactive effect.

Slapz Strain Effect

Slapz effects follow a similar psychoactive direction to those of its Runtz relative but paired with the primal physical impact of Gorilla Glue. Opening with a powerful cerebral uppercut, expect a sense of extremely heightened sensory awareness as ideas ricochet around your head and your heart rate begins to race. Although its effects are long-lasting and robust from start to finish, eventually, the strain’s sedative side will bring you down to couch level, and if you’re not careful, leave you completely KO’ed.

This Runtz x Grease Monkey cross is the definition of a heavyweight strain and can quickly slap you into submission if you underestimate it. Slapz THC content is around 25%, making it a particularly hard-hitter. Both its sedative and cerebral effects are formidable, so while its great for kicking back after work or at the weekend, its not recommended for daytime use.

Slapz Medical Benefits

As this is a THC rich cultivar with both sativa and indica influenced effects, Slapz medical seeds are suitable for growers with many different health conditions. Its all-round intoxicating influence can offer a significant reduction in chronic pain, distracting the mind from discomfort while providing localised analgesic action. The terpene caryophyllene is widely known for its anti-inflammatory effect and works alongside THC to target pain at the source, making this strain suitable for a multitude of physical maladies.

This plant can also cause a strong sedative response in users, especially when consumed excessively. As such, Slapz medical benefits may be useful for treating sleep disruptive disorders like insomnia and parasomnia. With prolonged use, cannabis may have an adverse effect on sleep cycles, but if treated with care, it can offer an effective solution to long-term sleep problems and a natural alternative to harsher modern medicines.

How to Grow Slapz Strain

Slapz follows the same slender and vigorous growth pattern of its Cookies forefathers. SCROG
and SOG are both excellent options if you’re planning on growing Slapz cannabis seeds indoors. Its lateral branching isn’t especially pronounced but adapts well to apical pruning and will thrive in most environments and a range of different substrates – from rock wool to pure hydroponic systems. It’s also a heavy producing plant, and even without extra effort, Slapz yields can reach up to 700g per m/2 indoors or 1200g per plant when planted outside.

Slapz flowering time is another of its major selling points. Its indoor flowering time is only eight-nine weeks from germination, and outdoor growers can harvest their crops around the middle of October. Its conical, sticky buds bloom in dark green shades with striking yellow hairs and with their feminized genetics, there’s no worry about male plants making a mess of your garden. A fantastic choice for casual growers and commercial farmers, if you don’t feel like choosing between quality and quantity, these feminized photoperiod seeds are for you.