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Strawberries and Cream F2 x Grease Monkey

by Exotic Genetix

Part of Exotic Genetix Grease Monkey line-up for 2020, Monkey Berries blends the gassy flavours of the seed company’s signature strain with a sumptuously sweet strawberry hybrid while retaining all the bestial indica-dominant power consumers have come to expect.

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Monkey Berries Genetic Profile

After monkeying around in their sandbox for some time, the breeders over at the Exotic Genetix seed bank have paired up two of their premiere indica/sativa cuts – one from their flagship diesel collection and a cookies creation that’s as sweet as they come – for a match made in marijuana heaven. Monkey Berries lineage marries a Strawberries and Cream F2 mother plant with Grease Monkey – the seed company’s crowning jewel – and you’re bound to go bananas once you taste its sublime strawberry and petrol-tinged profile.

With monstrous yields making home cultivation considerably rewarding and knockout indica-dominant psychotropic effects to sweeten the pot, this 800-pound gorilla is primed for cultivators of all abilities and really showcases the best of Exotic Genetix award-winning breeding program. Now available as regular seeds from MGS, Monkey Berries marijuana seeds make growing premium hybrid marijuana bud more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Monkey Berries Terpene Profile

Juicy strawberry, creamy cookies flavours, and a hit of smoky gasoline give Monkey Berries aroma a punchy pungent quality that’s sweet but with plenty of bite. Layers of complex flavour slowly unfold, giving way to the chemical-tinged kush taste of its GG#4 ancestor but which still retains the berry sweetness of its mother plant. A delicious strain to enjoy with a vaporizer, its fruity funk might leave a tickle in the back of the throat but shouldn’t lead you into a cannabis-induced coughing fit like many gassy phenos.

Monkey Berries abundant terpenes include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, along with other sweet and chemically-tinged terps like terpinolene and linalool. Myrcene can have a strong herbaceous scent that’s similar to turpentine, but it’s also tropical and fruity tasting. Terpinolene has a comparable flavour profile and, like myrcene, is known for its sedative and calming physiological effects.

Monkey Berries Strain Effect

Monkey Berries effects are just the thing for pacifying the raging animal inside. It has a calming and positive effect on the mind that will wipe your worries away and leave you laughing like a chimpanzee, but be ready for its knockout indica-dominant encore. Like Gorilla Glue, this strain has tremendous sticking power and can send you straight to the couch if you’re not careful, making it largely unsuitable for daytime use.

It’s best not to monkey around with this ferocious beast of a hybrid. Although it’s yet to be tested for potency, Monkey Berries THC is likely to average around the 20+% mark if we look to its parents for comparison. Its powerful couch locking effects aren’t really for novices, who’d be better off keeping this cannabis strain caged up for their own safety.

Monkey Berries Medical Benefits

The intense sedative effect of this high THC/low CBD pheno can be attributed to its cannabinoid levels but also its terpene content. Terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool are all known for their narcotic influence and work together with cannabinoids via the entourage effect to calm the mind and body. When used medicinally, this can help to regulate sleep cycles, making Monkey Berries medical seeds particularly useful to growers with insomnia or other sleep disorders.

This same calming combination of terpenes also makes this Strawberries and Cream x Grease Monkey blend ideal for users with stress. Linalool, one of the strain’s dominant terps, is a major constituent of lavender, which has been prized for its relaxing effects for thousands of years. In addition, the inhalation of limonene vapour has been shown to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, making Monkey Berries medical benefits potentially suitable for even chronic stress disorders.

How to Grow Monkey Berries Strain

Anyone can try growing Monkey Berries cannabis seeds safe in the knowledge that their rugged, indica-dominant genetics make them easy to cultivate. Producing short, squat plants with a conical growth pattern and sticky light green buds with yellow trichomes, these fem seeds from Exotic Genetix can be grown in almost any warm environment but are great for smaller gardens and grow rooms. Pest and temp resistant, they’ll adapt to most growing conditions and are highly suitable for LST, SCROG and SOG, which are excellent options if you’re looking for especially monstrous Monkey Berries yields.

Monkey Berries flowering time is just another of its many benefits. Depending on your setup and light cycles, indoors growers can expect it to exit the veg stage and enter the flowering period around eight weeks from germination.

Its resinous, funky buds are great candidates if you’re looking to whip up some delicious edibles or go the concentrate route but can be a little stinky, so consider investing in some odour-eliminating equipment if discretion is a concern.