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Gelato x Grease Monkey

by Exotic Genetix

Get ready to go bananas with Maroon Baboon from Exotic Genetix – a THC heavy Cookies hybrid that’s packing a unique colouration, fantastic flavours, and indica-dominant effects that are sure to awaken your primal instincts!


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Maroon Baboon Strain Genetics

Maroon Baboon forms an essential part of Exotic Genetix’s 2020 Grease Monkey collection – the seed company’s most recent batch of carefully constructed cannabis blends. This particular indica-dominant variety combines Grease Monkey – a sweet and skunky mix of GG4 and Cookies and Cream – with Gelato (aka Larry Bird) – one of the biggest players on the Cookies scene. 

This latter strain – a Sunset Sherbet/Thin Mint GSC mix with a stellar reputation  – has become one of the world’s most popular dessert strains and brings its heavy-handed euphoria and candy flavours to Maroon Baboon. When paired with Grease Monkey’s comforting body buzz, this equals a deliciously unique feminized cannabis hybrid with a range of effects that’ll make you go positively ape (not literally). 

Maroon Baboon Strain Terpene Profile

Cookies cannabis plants are particularly prized for their sweet-tasting terpene profiles, and with DNA gleaned from some of the most delicious dessert strains around, we can confirm that Maroon Baboon certainly delivers in the flavour department.   

Gelato gets its name from its sweet sherbet aesthetic which blends blueberry and orange flavours with a lavender citrus berry bouquet, while Grease Monkey inherits gassy qualities reminiscent of its Gorilla Glue ancestry. The plants provided by these fantastic feminised seeds combine elements of both, with a mix of humulene, caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool terpenes giving rise to their aromatic individuality.   

Maroon Baboon Strain Effects

With a THC powerhouse for a parent, this Maroon Baboon is exceedingly strong, with a THC level said to be pushing beyond 20%, and should be approached with caution by novice consumers. Those with a higher tolerance will enjoy a heady euphoria paired with a pleasant body buzz that comes on strong but generally isn’t overwhelming.

Despite its intensity, this indica dominant strain can be enjoyed throughout the day without affecting productivity. If anything, its effects only enhance the creative process and users can expect to remain mentally agile throughout its influence.

Maroon Baboon Medical Benefits

Cannabis can be an excellent alternative to traditional medicine, and Cookies strains such as Maroon Baboon from Exotic Genetix are well regarded for their many therapeutic effects. The wide variety of active chemical compounds lurking within these feminized medical seeds make them especially suitable for this purpose and an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients. 

For example, linalool has been utilized for centuries as a relaxant and sleep aid, melting away stress and easing anxiety, while humulene and caryophyllene – which feature in high concentrations within Maroon Baboon – are known for their painkilling properties which make them great for treating physical injuries. 

How to Grow Maroon Baboon Strain

These female seeds are indica-dominant but possess many qualities more common in sativa strains. Slightly taller than average, cultivators will find them easy to grow indoors or out and can look forward to the similar dark purple hues common to its Gelato parent plant.

Thanks to a quick flowering time of 8-9 weeks and suitable growth characteristics, this variety is especially suited to the Sea of Green method of cultivation, which favours multiple plants matured early for quicker turnovers. Whichever approach you decide upon, Maroon Baboon feminized seeds from Exotic Genetix make a wonderful and rewarding choice for the discerning cannabis gardener.