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Biscotti x Grease Monkey

by Exotic Genetix

Possibly the ultimate Cookies mashup, Gummy Buns is an indica-dominant hybrid concoction from Exotic Genetix that combines fuel and fresh-baked flavours with a hefty body buzz

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Gummy Buns Strain Genetics

Instead of opting for your more typical cannabis strains, the Exotic Genetix seeds company have selected two of the rarer Cookies phenotypes from their seed bank to make this mouthwatering GSC derivative. 

Grease Monkey, an original creation from the company’s award-winning seed bank that blends Cookies and Cream genetics with Gorilla Glue, brings its sweet and skunky overtones and debilitating physical impact to this high-powered feminized descendent. Meanwhile, Biscotti – a Gelato #8 and South Florida OG mix – increases the sweetness even further but also introduces fuel flavours, rich colours, and tingling effects that make these cannabis seeds a little different from the norm.

Gummy Buns Strain Terpene Profile

While the Girl Scout Cookies family contains some of the most distinctive flavours of the cannabis world, Gummy Buns also boasts OG Kush and Skunk genetics that diversifies its flavour profile even further. 

Primarily sweet-tasting, but with strong skunky accents and a diesel kick provided by its Gorilla Glue ancestry, the strain’s complex combination of tastes and smells come courtesy of a unique mix of aromatics known as terpenes. In this case, caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene are the primary compounds in play and give this feminized hybrid a flavour quite unlike any other.

Gummy Buns Strain Effects

Gummy Buns cannabis seeds blend DNA from both the indica and sativa camps, but the strain’s effects are mainly physical and indica dominant. Grease Monkey lends it a lazy, munchie-fuelled body buzz that’ll set your appetite aflame and your mind into sleep mode. This is amplified by a welcome tingling sensation courtesy of Cookies and Cream which pleasantly travels from head to toe.

GG strains are so named for their monstrous strength and long lasting effects. Therefore, as the extreme relaxation provided by this high THC phenotype can naturally lead low tolerance users to the land of nod, it’s definitely worth limiting your dosage and saving Gummy Buns for the evening if you’re planning to overindulge.

Gummy Buns Strain Medical Benefits

Thanks to its prominent terpene profile, Gummy Buns cannabis seeds  from the Exotic Genetix seeds co are great for medical cannabis users looking to ease their ongoing health problems. Like most GG strains, it’s rich in caryophyllene, which is best for fighting chronic pain, while the plant’s high myrcene levels and sedative effects also make it suitable for those with sleep disorders like insomnia.

As a powerful appetite stimulant, Gummy Buns can also help combat eating disorders and mitigate the nausea associated with chemotherapy. There may be no such thing as a cannabis cure-all, but with these potent cannabis seeds at your site, better health may be just around the corner.

How to Grow Gummy Buns Strain

With a rapid flowering time of 8-9 weeks, Gummy Buns feminized seeds are a cultivators dream, delivering high yields of high-quality product with minimal effort. Gaining most of its growth qualities from Gorilla Glue, the plant’s compacted, trichome-littered buds are small but plentiful, and painted in dark green and orange colours, with Gelato’s purple hues also showing through.

Available as feminized seeds only, while Gummy Buns is largely indica dominant, it grows a little taller than similar seed types may be better suited for outdoor growth. Despite this, she is remarkably easy to grow and will suit cultivators of any level of experience.