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Zkittlez x Gelato

by Exotic Genetix

Sweet like candy but without the sugar content, Greasy Runtz is a fully-feminized and fast-growing indica dominant dessert strain from our friends at the Exotic Genetix seed co that’ll send your tastebuds straight to flavour town. 

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Greasy Runtz Strain Genetics

Launched in 2008, the Exotic Genetix seed company has been winning cannabis cups ever since for their superior range of cannabis seeds, highly prized in the cannabis community for their terpenic power. Greasy Runtz is one of their most successful breeds to date, and now MGS is delighted to add these previously unavailable, fully-feminized cannabis seeds to their ever-growing seed bank.

Blending DNA from Zkittlez and Gelato – two candy-flavoured kings of the cannabis world – Runtz is a world-renowned pheno from the Cookies family that boasts long-lasting effects and a sugary taste exactly like the sweets that bear its name. 

Grease Monkey – an original creation from the Exotic Genetix seed bank that mixes GSC x Cookies & Cream F2 – completes the pairing, giving this high-powered hybrid its quick flowering time, high yields, and a wealth of other welcome attributes.

Greasy Runtz Strain Terpene Profile

Zkittlez really can’t be beaten in the flavour department, but Greasy Runtz makes a more than worthy successor. The candy flavours of its Cookies heritage, along with kush accents obtained from its father plant, complement each other perfectly, giving this Grease Monkey x Runtz creation from the Exotic Genetix seed co an incredibly intense fruit aesthetic with earthy overtones and a floral skunk aroma.  

This tropical terpene profile arises from a mixture of caryophyllene, humulene, limonene and linalool compounds, working together in synergy, to create a taste profile that echoes the strain’s genetic past, while retaining a sense of individuality.

Greasy Runtz Strain Effects

Despite its indica-dominant lineage, Greasy Runtz – like Gelato and Zkittlez – delivers a focused and exhilarating euphoric high that’s more in line with a sativa strain, but with continued consumption, its relaxing qualities can quickly take over. Its effects are long-lasting and will keep users creatively inspired and energized for hours, meaning this cannabis strain is ideal for daytime use. 

While most will remain mentally agile throughout its intense influence, overuse can result in inexperienced users succumbing to the strains physical effects, as Runtz is known to possess absurdly high THC levels of up to 29%. As such, those of a low tolerance should moderate their consumption of this high THC, low CBD strain to avoid the fabled couchlock effect.

Greasy Runtz Medical Benefits

The terpene-rich nature of these cannabis seeds makes them suitable for medicinal marijuana users with a variety of health conditions. Its Gelato ancestor has a similar chemical profile and has already made a name for itself on the dispensary scene due to its multipurpose medical potential.

As a depressant, humulene is a potent pain reliever, and when combined with the numbing effects of THC and the analgesic qualities of caryophyllene, makes Exotic Genetix’ Greasy Runtz strain ideal for medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pain.

Conversely, limonene and linalool, also thought to be present in Greasy Runtz, have a calming influence, which can be suitable for treating stress related conditions like anxiety. 

How to Grow Greasy Runtz Strain

Greasy Runtz from Exotic Genetix may be indica-dominant, but its sativa-style growth qualities mean this topheavy strain can easily topple if not managed correctly. A multi-topped bush or SOG approach is recommended, but with adequate care, these feminized cannabis seeds can be cultivated in all growing conditions.

Like its parent plant, the strain’s dank, trichome-covered buds range in colour from rich purple to lime green and come dripping with gooey resin, making this pheno perfect for extraction artists. This fem seed is also a monster yielder, and with a flowering time of 9-10 weeks from germination, you’ll be reaping the benefits of this sugary superstar before you even know it.