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Cookies & Cream F2 x It’s It

by Exotic Genetix

The summer may be over, but Gelato Mint – a sweet and refreshing ice cream flavoured, indica-dominant cannabis concoction from Exotic Genetix – is the perfect salve for those impending winter blues.

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Gelato Mint Strain Genetics

This throwback to the Exotic Genetix seed company’s 2019 Cookies & Cream collection was previously unavailable, but due to overwhelming demand, MGS has added a limited supply of these superior cannabis seeds to their seed bank for your cultivating pleasure.

Born from a Cookies & Cream F2 father plant and It’s It – an Exotic Genetix original that blends a female Gelato and male Mint Chocolate Chip – Gelato Mint takes on many of the sensory characteristics of these two ice cream themed cannabis hybrids, including their creamy flavours, high THC content and punchy indica-dominant effects.

Gelato Mint Strain Terpene Profile

Frozen dessert fans are going to love the rich and fruity ice cream flavours locked within these regular seeds. A fresh peppermint aroma with lavender overtones inherited from Mint Chocolate Chip is met with sweet Cookies flavours, earthy kush notes, and echoes of blueberry, vanilla and citrus.

A mix of linalool, limonene and caryophyllene are the main contributors to the strain’s delectable flavour profile, which makes a worthy successor to It’s It and a welcome addition to Exotic Genetix’s evergrowing Cookies range of potent hybrid cannabis seeds.

Gelato Mint Strain Effects

Gelato Mint, like its It’s It parent, is an excellent daytime marijuana strain. While wonderfully relaxing and delivering a potent, if somewhat delayed, euphoric hit, its uplifting effects will keep you motivated and mentally agile. Providing it’s consumed with care, users can expect a giggly, talkative and long-lasting experience that’s great for sharing with friends.

As with many high THC, low CBD strains like Gelato Mint, whose THC levels are thought to peak around 20%, with overuse, its stimulating effects can give way to more distracting qualities and a heavier sedative influence, so it’s best to play safe with the dosage when indulging outside of downtime.

Gelato Mint Medical Benefits

Cannabis is famed for its unique ability to potentially help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety and in Gelato Mint, this effect is especially pronounced due to its high levels of limonene and linalool present. Studies in mice have shown these compounds can ease social interaction and reduce anxiety, suggesting that this pheno could be ideal for medicinal marijuana patients looking for an alternative to prescribed medications.

The strain’s caryophyllene content is also higher than average, making Gelato Mint an ideal natural alternative for treating chronic pain, inflammation and physical ailments that aren’t responding to conventional methods of medication.

How to Grow Gelato Mint Strain

Gelato Mint inherits a variety of hardy growth genetics from its wide-reaching GSC genetics that makes these cannabis seeds a cultivator’s dream. Producing wide-leafed, purple-tinted plants that come loaded with high-quality trichome covered buds, this fruity pheno’s sativa characteristics make it perfectly suited for greenhouse growth and the Sea of Green method of cultivation, but traditional techniques can also deliver impeccable yields.

With a quick flowering time of nine weeks from germination, novice and expert growers alike will find this heavy producer easy to grow, so why not take a chance on this risk-free investment