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Grease Monkey x Rainbow Chip

by Exotic Genetix

Jump on board the groove train with Funky Charms – a psychedelic indica/sativa hybrid from the Washington-based Exotic Genetix seeds company and your first-class ticket to a luxurious and stress-free sensory experience.

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Funky Charms Genetic Profile

Part of Exotic Genetix’ 2021 Grease Monkey lineup, Funky Charms lineage blends their GG#4/Cookies & Cream cross with Rainbow Chip – a Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip combo. Featuring premium genetics that includes links to other superstar strains like Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, the phenotype’s deep gene pool has given rise to a balanced range of THC-enriched indica/sativa effects and a melting pot of groovy flavours to get your taste buds jumping and jiving.

An excellent pheno for making delicious extracts and top-quality cannabis concentrates, this hard-hitting heavy producer is now available from MGS as feminized and regular seeds. For a balanced new member of the Grease Monkey family that ticks all the boxes, take a chance on Funky Charms marijuana seeds from the award-winning Exotic Genetix seedbank.

Funky Charms Terpene Profile

Funky Charms flavour profile combines elements from each of its decidedly different tasting ancestors. Seasoned palettes are sure to detect notes of diesel and Kush spice, along with sweeter accents of vanilla, mint, and rich chocolate. Some consumers may also notice sour citrus undertones, hints of sage, and a skunky aroma that clings to the nose. All in all, it’s an incredibly unique combination, one that flavour hunters are going to savour.

Funky Charms dominant terpenes, Beta-caryophyllene and humulene, both have a spicy, herbal scent and are known for their neuroprotective benefits. As one would expect from its wide-ranging flavour profile, this fragrant and funky phenotype is also rich in several secondary
and tertiary terps like limonene, alpha-pinene, and linalool.

Funky Charms Strain Effects

Funky Charms effects are dispensary strength and fantastically balanced owing to its rich genealogy. Equal parts indica and sativa, the strain’s psychoactive influence is entirely dependent on the user’s tolerance and consumption level, but also on their mood and setting. Some prefer it for daytime or even early morning use, as its stimulating side is enriching and euphoric enough that it won’t affect your productivity levels. For others, it’s far more suitable for after-hours enjoyment and paired with a movie, music, or a meal, when its relaxing effects can be properly appreciated.

Funky Charms THC level averages at 22%, but growers may be able to increase the plant’s potency even further by manipulating their UVB light frequencies or implementing other cannabinoid boosting techniques. We recommend consuming this Rainbow Chip x Grease Monkey cultivar in moderation, particularly if you’re a daytime smoker, as its sedative effects get even stronger with continued use. Those with a low tolerance for THC are also advised to approach this top-shelf strain with due caution.

Funky Charms Medical Benefits

This versatile strain has a rainbow of therapeutic applications. As well as providing low-level pain relief and improving mood, marijuana grown from Funky Charms medical seeds is also a potent appetite stimulant and highly suitable for promoting healthy eating habits. The hormones that cause us to feel hungry are highly responsive to THC and terpenes like limonene. This results in an uncontrollable hunger spike known as ‘the munchies, and for patients with eating disorders or nausea may find the phenomenon helps make challenging mealtimes a little easier.

Another of Funky Charms potential medical benefits is that it can be used as a very effective sleep aid. In higher doses, it has a powerful sedative influence that’s challenging to withstand, and this can be utilized by patients with sleep disruptive disorders to help reset their circadian rhythms when they’re out of whack. Unlike many narcoleptic drugs, its impact is far less disruptive and with fewer lingering side effects, making it a worthwhile natural alternative if you suffer from insomnia.

How to Grow Funky Charms Strain

Funk Charms is a medium height, multi-topped bush plant with an indica leaning structure and produces fuzzy, tightly-packed green buds covered in caterpillar-like orange pistils and thick braids of sticky yellow trichomes.

Growing Funky Charms seeds indoors or outside are both viable options, but this plant thrives best in Mediterranean growing conditions, which should be replicated if you’re seeking a successful harvest. SOG, SCROG, and lollipopping are all encouraged, as these sorts of techniques are great for saving space while simultaneously increasing Funky Charms yield potential to its maximum.

Funky Charms flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination, which is as expected for a feminized photoperiod strain. Although this strain doesn’t require much maintenance, a good fertilizer or nutrient mix is recommended to give your plants their best possible chance of survival and to promote terpene and THC production. This will help ensure better-tasting crops and increase their final psychoactive strength.