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Cream D’ Mint x Grease Monkey

by Exotic Genetix

Carmelita strain from Exotic Genetix is a tantalising indica-dominant that combines the best of Cream D’ Mint and Grease Monkey genetics. Flowering in around 8-9 weeks, Carmalita seeds will reward growers with heavy yields of resinous bud.  

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Carmelita Strain Genetics

Carmelita is just one of an exclusive collection of cannabis blends to be selected for Exotic Genetix 2020 Grease Monkey collection, and she may be the prettiest initiate to date.

Joining the Exotic Genetix seed co’s original mix of GG4 and Cookies and Cream is – Cream D’ Mint, a refreshing dessert strain arising from a marriage of Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip, which was bred specifically for their 2018 range. 

Together, this delicious combination brings out the best bits of both the GSC and GG phenotypes, with a punchy diesel kick thrown in for good measure.

Carmelita Strain Terpene Profile

Carmelita from Exotic Genetix is truly a dessert strain fit for a queen. An intoxicating blend of pinene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene give the plant a sweet and minty odour with herbal undertones, while its taste borrows much from its cup-winning Cookies and Cream D genetics. A mouthwatering flavour of spicy sugar cookies, vanilla, and diesel can be expected on the inhale with a refreshing menthol taste lingering on your tongue long after consumption.   

Fans of Girl Scout Cookies strains will love the unusual appeal of this exclusive flavour combination, which makes Carmelita a very welcome addition to Exotic Geneitx exclusive 2018 Grease Monkey lineup.

Carmelita Strain Effects

Don’t let her sweetness fool you! Carmelita hits with a mentally stimulating attack that shouldn’t be underestimated. Providing feelings of extended euphoria and happiness during the beginning stages of its influence, and powerful relaxation afterwards, with measured use, this potent medical-grade strain can be enjoyed by users throughout the day while still maintaining functionality.

Nevertheless, with a high THC level, overindulging can easily lead to an early bedtime with Carmelita, so it’s best to limit consumption to avoid succumbing to its powerful indica-dominant effects. Suitable for fans of all tolerances, why not take this potent super strain out for a spin and see what all the fuss is about?

Carmelita Strain Medical Benefits

Beyond its recreational use, this indica-dominant hybrid is also an excellent natural alternative to traditional medications. Many of the chemical compounds locked within these medical seeds have transformative therapeutic properties, such as caryophyllene, which can help ease chronic pain and physical ailments.

With extended use, Carmelita can also assist with sleep disorders such as insomnia, as its high myrcene content gives it a particularly strong sedative effect.

How to Grow Carmelita Seeds

Though slightly taller than the typical indica strain, Carmelita is a giver and will bless cultivators with heavy yields. A fast-growing cannabis strain, with a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks, Carmelita´s potential can be boosted even further via the Sea of Green method. 

Like its Mint Chocolate Chip predecessor and most releases from Exotic Genetix seeds, this hybrid strain has a particularly high resin production, meaning its delicious flavours can be distilled into plenty of potent cannabis concentrate. Easy to grow for novices and experts alike, you can’t grow wrong with Carmelita regular seeds from the experts at Exotic Genetix.