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Gelato 33 x Zkittlez

by Elev8 Seeds

High Times Cannabis Cups, Leafly’s Strain of the Year for 2020, Runtz is one of the most popular and successful cultivars of recent years. Sweet, fruity and packing a powerful punch, this Elev8 Seeds balanced indica-sativa hybrid strain is a must for cannabis aficionados. 

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Runtz Strain Genetics 

A popular modern strain, created by combining two popular modern strains, the genetics of these feminized seeds are impressive, to say the least. Blending two popular seedbank choices, the Indica dominant Gelato 33, AKA Larry Bird (Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC) and Zkittlez (Grape Ape x Grapefruit), the result is tangy fruit from one side, and that candy-sweet Girl Scout Cookies tones from the other.

Looking further up the family tree of this Zkittlez x Gelato reveals OG Kush, Skunk, Afghani, and Jack Herer, which is a list of coffeeshop favourites across the board, bringing together strains and effects from the swinging 60s up to the current day. Expect a powerful high thanks to the potent THC level (over 20%), but not a couch-locking sensation. Instead, you’ll get an uplifting, vintage buzz that feels like a Woodstock high, just turbocharged!

Runtz Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant flavours on the inhale are very GSC reminiscent, sweet pastry with that slight tangy spice to keep things interesting. This is the result of the classic Cookies strain terpene combination, limonene and caryophyllene. While these abundant terpenes are very noticeable, it’s just the beginning of the Runtz terp profile.

On the exhale, the senses open up further thanks to a smooth, hoppy tingle on the tongue, caused by the presence of humulene and a flowery taste that is also strong in the scent that lingers in the air, which is due to linalool. Not all fruity, despite the parents, there are subtle nuances to this strain that you’ll keep being surprised by!

Runtz Strain Effects 

The mind and the body will have two vastly different experiences resulting from this cannabis strain, but they complement each other perfectly. The head high gives a cerebral, focused, euphoric effect with a happy feeling that is conducive to creativity and philosophical conversation.

Conversely, the body-buzz is relaxing, bordering on sedative thanks to the high THC level of over 20% (disclaimer, a little goes a long way!). When working together, this marijuana strain is perhaps not suitable for the daytime but makes the perfect addition to a chilled evening spent in good company. Later in the night, the THC content should support deep and restful sleep.

Runtz Strain Medical Benefits

 Despite low CBD averages, Runtz seeds have been reported to provide a host of medical marijuana benefits, most notably in alleviating anxiety symptoms, both of a short-term variety, i.e., anxiety caused by an occurrence, or longer-term issues related to anxiety and similar conditions. It is thought that the terpenes present work together with the high THC content to aid in reducing bouts of anxiety.

Stress may also be reduced by the terp and cannabinoid combination, not only in their severity but also in both the duration and frequency of stress-related symptoms, support the endocannabinoid system, which plays a pivotal role in the control and balance of mood.

How to Grow Runtz Strain Seeds 

These Elev8 Seeds Runtz feminised cannabis seeds (autoflowering variety not yet available) can be reminiscent of the standard Runtz strains or can be more similar to the phenotypes in the lineage, so you may get some variety here. However, what you can usually expect is a high potency, big yielding plant with a fast indoor flowering time of eight to nine weeks from germination. You’ll get dense, compact buds in an array of shapes on the plants, which respond well to SOG and SCROG growing methods.

While the indoor yield of 550 gr/m2 is impressive enough, it’s the outdoor yield of 700g per plant that growers of these marijuana seeds are really impressed by, and for good reason. Growing well in warm climates and greenhouses, there is minimal effort required on the part of the grower, with an October harvest time providing a hefty yield of resinous trichome covered, lime green buds with a fruity, sweet smell that is to die for!