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Gelato 33 x Biscotti

by Elev8 Seeds

Giscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Elev8 Seeds that captures attention quickly thanks to its remarkably pungent aroma. Gelato heavy in the genetics, expect your taste buds to be rewarded by sweet goodness all night long!

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Giscotti Strain Genetics

Giscotti marijuana seeds were created when Elev8 combined two sweet dessert strains, Gelato #33 and Biscotti. Gelato #33 is an OG descendant with potent effects, while Biscotti brings hints of Cali Girl Scout Cookies and blends South Florida OG with Gelato #25 for a super sweet treat.

That’s a lot of OG and a lot of Gelato in the Giscotti lineage, so you’re expecting a hell of an aroma, yet this cannabis strain will still surprise you, releasing a dank, yet creamy, sweet, yet spicy scent that leaves its parent strains in the dust!

Giscotti Strain Terpene Profile

Sweet and fruity cream, peppery spice on the tongue, and an earthy, herbal, kush-like undertone, the flavours present in this Elev8 Seed strain are a fascinating and fantastic experience, and it’s all down to the Giscotti dominant terpene profile.

That sweet fruity yoghurt and lip-tingling spice Giscotti flavour come via a combination of limonene and caryophyllene, which also provides a diesel-tinged scent of sour lemons that dominate any room you’re in. That earthy, herbal, nostalgic aroma comes from a terpene that is dominant in most kush and skunk strains, myrcene.

Giscotti Strain Effects

The Giscotti buzz comes in two stages, a cerebral, euphoric rise, and a gentle, tranquilising fall. The high Giscotti THC level (above 25% in some cases) ensures these effects hit you quickly, but never feel like too much, despite this hybrid strain’s strength.

First, you will be lifted up, creative juices will flow, chattiness and giggling fits will be abundant, as will deep and meaningful conversation, all taking place while a huge smile remains on your face. Next, you will be laid back down, a full-body dose of relaxation that makes even the least comfortable of couches feel like it’s coated in the finest silks, and that smile will stick around too!

Giscotti Strain Medical Benefits

Elev8 Seeds is a seed company known to pay attention to the medicinal potential of base strains, and that work pays off with these Giscotti medical seeds, the happiness and relaxation combination of the buzz may assist those living with insomnia, with the high THC levels potentially helping to relieve insomnia and the terpene profile supporting pleasant and relaxed dreams.

Those same terpenes, namely limonene and caryophyllene (with myrcene having the potential to enhance the effects of these terpenes) can also provide support and relief for the symptoms of anxiety-based conditions, aiding relaxation and positive moods.

How to Grow Giscotti Strain Seeds

These Giscotti feminised seeds will usually be ready to harvest somewhere between 9 and 11 weeks from germination for indoor growers. The Giscotti flowering time isn’t the fastest, more fitting for a sativa strain than an indica-leaner, but my oh my, are these dense, beautiful, green and orange buds worth that extra little bit of waiting time!

As well as responding to SOG and SCROG methods indoors, these feminized Gelato #33 x Biscotti seeds also grow well outdoors, especially in greenhouses or particularly warm climates. Expect a high yield when growing Giscotti cannabis seeds, whether indoors or outdoors, but be aware that the immensely potent aromas are likely to cover some distance if care isn’t taken!