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Purple Punch x Gelato 33

by Elev8 Seeds

Gelato Punch from Elev8 Seeds is a high THC level indica-dominant hybrid beauty famed for its fruity blueberry and lavender citrus berry bouquet of aromas and flavours and full-body euphoria.

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Gelato Punch Strain Genetics

The Gelato Punch lineage is as strong as they come, with the parents of this potent seed type being Purple Punch and Gelato #33. Gelato is the child of two of Girl Scout Cookies’ favourite children, Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, and Purple Punch mixed Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG (AKA Tahoe OG) cannabis strains. 

Of course, this collection of bonafide legends (GSC, OG Kush, Durban Poison, Big Bud, and more) ensures a mighty fine flavour profile for Gelato Punch (also known as the Larry Bird Gelato pheno). But the desirable traits of the heritage of these feminized cannabis seeds go deeper than that, providing tough and durable, high-yielding, fast-flowering plants.

Gelato Punch Strain Terpene Profile

The creamy, fruity, sweet Gelato Punch flavours that have been handed down from the parent strains are due to the classic Girl Scout Cookies terpene profile that this Purple Punch x Gelato #33 strain takes on its own unique direction.

The blend of lemon sherbet and orange flavours in the flavours is the result of the Gelato Punch dominant terpenes, caryophyllene (peppery) and limonene (citrus fruits), guaranteed abundant terpenes in all GSC’s offspring which add a touch too. There are some earthier, fresher flavours going on here too. The skunk, kush-like old-school aroma on exhale comes from pinene, while a delicious flavor of forest-fresh pine is added by the presence of another terpene, pinene.

Gelato Punch Strain Effects

As is to be expected when the Gelato Punch THC level is well up over 20%, effects kick hard here, and there’s a full-body buzz dosed high with relaxation to look forward to. But this hybrid feminised cannabis does not produce the couch-locking effects one may expect from such a potent marijuana strain.

Instead, this Elev8 Seeds strain fills you with a potent euphoric high ensuring that a smile-dominant, laughter-filled evening is all but guaranteed when the happy, giggly, cerebral effects of this strain hit you. The long-lasting buzz ensures that sensation should carry you all the way to sleep and provide some wonderful dreams once you get there.

Gelato Punch Strain Medical Benefits

Gelato Punch medical benefits are predominantly handed down from its GSC grandparent, one of the most popular medicinal strains at our seedbank. The medical heritage gives this feminized strain various potential ways to help, including promoting hunger in those who are dealing with a lack of appetite, after an operation or for a variety of other reasons.

The terpene and cannabinoid combination also gives these Gelato Punch medical seeds the possibility of aiding those who are living with chronic, through fibromyalgia (joint pain) or migraines (head pain) to give just two potential examples.

How to Grow Gelato Punch Strain Seeds

When you have Big Bud in the heritage of a strain that leans harder towards an indica flowering type than a sativa, you expect good things, and the Gelato Punch  yield does not disappoint. These cannabis seeds produce hefty, dense, resinous buds coated in orange hairs and crystal trichomes. Growing Gelato Punch feminized seeds either indoors or outdoors takes minimal effort from the grower, some branch pruning here and there, a few light changes (indoors) and you’re good to go.

You shouldn’t have to wait for too long for results either, with nine weeks being the average Gelato Punch growing time from germination. Outdoor and greenhouse growers should see optimal results in mid-October, weather dependent. When these beautiful buds are ready to go, they’ll let you know with a myriad of aromas including blueberries, oranges, strawberries and cream, and touches of tart Kool-Aid which will amaze your nostrils and prepare you for the wonderful experience that is to come!