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Sour Patch Kiss x Gelato 33

by Elev8 Seeds

Custom-bred for extract experts, Gelato Kiss, is a resin-rich, sour candy flavoured cannabis cultivar from the Elev8 Seeds company with indica dominant effects and a lip-smacking intensity that make it prime for concentrate creation. 

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Gelato Kiss Strain Genetics

Gelato Kiss feminised marijuana seeds pair a terp-rich Elev8 Seeds original with a classic Cookies cultivar known for its yields and heavy resin content – the end result being a flavourful, indica-dominant hybrid plant that’s easy and enjoyable to grow.

Sour Patch Kiss is the crowning jewel of the Elev8 Seeds breeding program. This Kimbo Kush x Sour Kush cultivar may be sativa leaning, but represents its Kush lineage in effect and brings a tart and tangy taste and smell that’s reminiscent of its candy namesake. Gelato Kiss lineage melds this punchy pheno with MGS seed bank favourite, Gelato #33, boosting its resin production rates, increasing potency, and refining its flavour even further.

Gelato Kiss Strain Terpene Profile

Elev8 seeds’ Gelato kiss dominant terpenes include caryophyllene and myrcene, which form much of its classic Kush flavour. Limonene and humulene terps are also present, and when combined, this intensely aromatic combination gives rise to the exciting tastes and aromas that characterise the strain, along with many of its medical benefits. 

The candy funk of Sour Patch Kiss is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Combining the sweet and doughy smell of Kimbo Kush with tangy citrus flavours, this loud, acidic profile pairs perfectly with the creamy fruitiness of Gelato, with elements of spice and earthy Kush also making an appearance.

Gelato Kiss Strain Effects

Being indica dominant, Gelato Kiss effects tend towards the physical end of the psychoactive spectrum, but its sativa heritage also ensures plenty of stimulation for the mind and spirit. Intensely relaxing, soothing stiffness, stimulating appetite and leaving users in a state of dozy bliss, expect a long-lasting, full-bodied experience paired with a calming mindset to chase your worries away.

Aside from its taste, Gelato owes much of its popularity to its heavy, high THC-fuelled impact. Gelato Kiss THC level is comparable, averaging between 19-26%, so low tolerance users may wish to seek an alternative strain to avoid any negative experiences. Otherwise, this marijuana hybrid is perfect for post-work relaxation.  

Gelato Kiss Medical Benefits

With a primarily physical sensory impact, Gelato Kiss medical benefits are geared around the body, with caryophyllene and humulene working together in synergy to melt away aches and chronic pains with their analgesic influence.

Limonene and beta-caryophyllene dense profiles, as found in Gelato Kiss strain medical seeds, are also excellent for stimulating appetite. Inducing a powerful hunger that’s hard to resist, this effect can be utilised for medical marijuana patients with a loss of appetite. 

How to Grow Gelato Kiss Strain

Growing Gelato Kiss cannabis seeds is easy, and cultivators of all levels shouldn’t have too much of a problem achieving heavy harvests from this feminized strain. Short and robust, with green and purple hues contrasting its fiery orange trichome coating, this plant is an especially heavy resin producer and perfect for concentrate creators, with extractions offering a return of more than 10% of the plant material used.

The Gelato Kiss Cannabis Strain flowering time is also rapid, averaging at 8-9 weeks from germination, so growers won’t have to wait too long to reap the benefits of its terp-rich material. Its mother plant is also known for its monster yields, which can range between 450-650gr/m2, so expect similar results from these feminized seeds. 

Indoor growth is advised but carbon filters might be necessary to tame the odour with SCROG and SOG methods proving most effective. However, outdoor cultivation is also possible in a warm and humid environment.