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Indulge in your deepest desires with Forbidden Cake, an indica-dominant hybrid from Elev8 Seeds bred from two elite strains known for their explosive ripe fruit and cookie flavours, and euphoric effects that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. This high THC strain features dazzling purple trichomes and an alluring sweet candy aroma.

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Forbidden Cake Seeds Strain Genetics

Forbidden Cake marijuana seeds are the desirable creation of two award-winning U.S. superstar strains — Forbidden Fruit and Wedding Cake.

Forbidden Cake lineage includes a combination of quality elite genetics from heavy hitters like Cherry Pie x Tangie and Triangle Kush x Animal Mints, as well as the infamous OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. Together, these compound genetics deliver an irresistible flavour of ripe fruit, cookies and gas, abundant resin-rich buds and a heavy dose of euphoria. 

Forbidden Cake Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile for Forbidden Cake is still being developed/under analysis, we can use information from the parent strain cross of Forbidden Fruit x Wedding Cake to make an educated guess.

Forbidden Cake flavours offer a unique blend of potent ripe fruit mixed with sweet cookies and dank gasoline that will tempt your tastebuds in ways you couldn’t imagine. 

Forbidden Cake dominant terpenes include limonene, linalool, terpinolene and caryophyllene, which combine notes of juicy sweet fruit and citrus accented by dank pine and gas. Just like Eve in the Garden of Eden, this potent powerhouse of a strain is too good to resist — and you shouldn’t have to!

Forbidden Cake Strain Effects

Forbidden Cake’s genetics deliver a strong euphoric effect that will effortlessly lift your spirits while simultaneously relaxing every muscle in your body. Thanks to the influence of the terpinolene terpene, you’ll experience a pleasantly mild drowsiness that builds through the head and neck and spreads across your limbs for the ultimate couch lock.

Forbidden Cake THC level is very high with little-to-no CBD, making it an ideal strain for experienced cannabis users who like a strong and potent cannabis cultivar. 

Forbidden Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Forbidden Cake medical seeds can potentially benefit medical marijuana patients who suffer from anxiety and musculoskeletal pain like arthritis. 

With the therapeutic influence of terpenes like linalool and caryophyllene, Forbidden Cake medical benefits include anti-inflammatory, anxiety-relieving and sedative properties that have been used to help those suffering from those conditions mentioned above, as well as a handful of others. 

How to Grow Forbidden Cake Strain

Growing Forbidden Cake cannabis seeds is really easy, despite what the name might imply. However, this strain has a high terpene presence, which is why it’s advised to use carbon filters or an odour control system to minimize the aromatic potency to passersby. 

Available as feminized seeds from the MGS seed bank, Forbidden Cake’s flowering time averages 8-9 weeks from germination and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Forbidden Cake boasts heavy yields that reach 500g per m2 when grown indoors and as high as 1000g per plant when grown in the proper outdoor conditions. 

Elev8’s Forbidden Cake female seeds feature premium buds with a thick resin layer that offers dense purple colours that will excite and delight growers everywhere!