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Super Silver Haze x Kimbo Kush

by Elev8 Seeds

Blackberry Dream is a forest fruit flavoured, sativa-dominant marijuana strain from the British Columbia based Elev8 Seeds company that pairs heavy-handed euphoria with an enlightening and energetic influence that’s excellent for sharing. 

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Blackberry Dream Strain Genetics

Fresh in season for your growing pleasure, Blackberry Dream marks the latest addition to the Elev8 Seeds company’s impressive roster of purpose-bred marijuana hybrids. Created with euphoria as the key breeding goal, these feminized seeds unite two cerebrally-focused cannabis heavy hitters in a single potent phenome. 

Super Silver Haze needs little introduction. A cannabis classic born from a threeway cross of Skunk, Hindu Kush, and Northern Lights, its stress-busting potential is world-renowned, and Blackberry Dream marijuana seeds inherit a similar uplifting intensity. 

Kimbo Kush, a Blackberry Kush x Starfighter pheno named for the late MMA fighter completes the combo, providing its descendent’s flavour and relaxing after-effects.    

Blackberry Dream Terpene Profile

Blackberry Dream dominant terpene is myrcene – a fruity smelling aromatic compound that’s also found in mangos and hops. Limonene, which gives citrus fruits their sour tang, is also present in high concentrations, along with caryophyllene, and together, these three compounds make for a mouthwatering combination.  

As its name suggests, Blackberry Dream aroma is sweet and sharp, with an unmistakable tang of winter berries. This is further refined with subtle citrus notes and a skunky, almost fermented scent gained from Super Silver Haze that’s guaranteed to tickle your nose. These elements carry over to the strain’s robust flavour, which is smooth and spicy, and punctuated with sour fruit and a pungent earthy Kush aftertaste.

Blackberry Dream Strain Effects

Providing a euphoric sativa kick that makes for an excellent social lubricant, Blackberry Dream cannabis seeds effects are purpose-bred for sharing with friends. Hitting fast and heavy with a tingling rush to the head, expect a wild cerebral experience that’ll leave your mind racing with colourful and creative thoughts, followed by a dozy state of relaxation.

While Blackberry Dream THC level is impressive, ranging between 20-25%, its focused and uplifting influence allows for daytime consumption, though its opiate-like intensity is best saved for experienced users. Perfect for parties or for getting acquainted with your artistic side, with this mentally-stimulating Kimbo Kush x Super Silver Haze cultivar, absolutely anything is possible!

Blackberry Dream Medical Benefits

Blackberry Dream medical seeds are multipurpose, and their wide-ranging psychoactive effects aren’t only designed for recreational use. Ideal for treating a range of health conditions, the cerebral mindset that comes with consumption can help aid mental focus and concentration, which may be particularly useful for patients with ADHD.

Blackberry Dream medical benefits also extend to the physical end of the spectrum. Caryophyllene has tremendous analgesic properties and, working alongside THC – another proven pain-busting compound – the two create an entourage effect, increasing each other’s potency, and making this high-powered hybrid effective at relieving chronic pains and aches.

How to Grow Blackberry Dream Strain

Growing Blackberry Dream feminised seeds is a little more challenging than many cannabis strains, but the results are well worth the effort. Although adapting well to indoor environments, successful outdoor cultivation is dependent on a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Regular pruning is also required to ensure equal light and oxygen distribution, as this high THC, low CBD strain is closer to indica in appearance, birthing short, bushy plants with chunky, trichome-laden buds. 

Its relatively long flowering time of 9-10 weeks matters little, as Blackberry Dream yields are more than generous, with Elev8 Seeds estimating results of up to 500-600g per m2. It also inherits the high resin content of Super Silver Haze, allowing savvy growers and extract experts to get even more out of its delicious flavour in concentrated form.