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Runtz x Birthday Cake

by Elev8 Seeds

Fresh from the seed bank and a true delight for your senses, Elev8 Seed Company Birthday Runtz feminized seeds produce a balanced hybrid of considerable power and luscious flavour. An enthusiastic grower and loaded with terpenes, Birthday Runtz seeds might just grow into your new favourite strain. 

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Birthday Runtz Strain Genetics 

With a parentage of Runtz and Birthday Cake (also known as Cake & Ice Cream), Elev8 Seeds Birthday Runtz marijuana seeds produce a genuinely delectable treat. A balanced hybrid, this strain exhibits the best qualities from its cookie-family genetics, including vigorous growth, towering THC levels, and an impressive blend of terpenes. 

Birthday Runtz lineage is a fabled tale of high-quality and famed cannabis strains. Through the Runtz line, stalwart names including OG Kush, Zkittlez, and Gelato 33 create a fruity pedigree of potent body strength and enveloping dessert aromas. Birthday Cake genetics feature Girl Scout Cookies, Triangle Mints, and Wedding Cake — three strains known for their large, resinous buds and complex flavours.  

Birthday Runtz Strain Terpene Profile

Elev8 Seeds Birthday Runtz aromas are an intoxicating blend of vanilla cake with a rich offering of juicy tropical fruits and sour berries. Smoke flavours are similar, with each session filling the mouth with fruit-drizzled cake and bright notes of spiced citrus and warm vanilla. 

Like its parents, Birthday Runtz abundant terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. The intriguing blend of sweet and spicy caryophyllene and zesty limonene give rise to the decadent aromas of vanilla cake and sweet dough. Myrcene itself is a fruit bomb, and when combined with limonene’s brightness, syrupy pineapple and tropical fruit emerge from its dank, cannabinoid bouquet. 

Birthday Runtz Strain Effects 

Birthday Runtz seeds are a powerhouse. Featuring THC levels that can tower past 25% (thanks to its 30% parentage), expect effects to hit hard and immediately. Limonene and the uplifted euphoric happiness of its Runtz lineage carry over to each hit, with mind-clearing positivity and a pleasant buzz settling over the head. 

Body relaxation and heavy-handed comfort arrive next from its indica-dominant heritage, as the high creeps down into your toes and leaves you floating and tranquil. Best saved for the second half of the day, as the comfortable heaviness will lend itself to a peaceful evening with a favourite book.

Birthday Runtz Strain Medical Benefits

Birthday Runtz medical seeds are sought by growers looking for impactful pain relief and management. Chronic pain melts beneath the surging THC levels and waves of caryophyllene and myrcene. 

CBD levels are low in this medical marijuana, but Birthday Runtz weed’s high THC levels combine with limonene and sativa genetics to clear the mind of dark thoughts, repressing anxiety and depression while boosting appetite and combating insomnia.

How to Grow Birthday Runtz Strain 

Growing Elev8 Seeds Birthday Runtz cannabis seeds is rewarding for both first-time and expert growers. Eager to produce and straightforward to cultivate, this cannabis plant adapts to many setups, including traditional indoor and outdoor arrangements and hydroponic growth environments

Birthday Runtz yields can reach up to 550g per m2 in indoor designs and up to 700g per m2 in outdoor areas, especially with adequate staking for its nug-heavy branches. High-stress techniques such as topping and pruning will ensure the highest output.

A feminized, photoperiod strain, Birthday Runtz flowering time is a speedy nine weeks, at which point flowering sites will be laden with large, dense buds. Resin-loaded trichomes will reek with potent tropical fruit, sweet berries, and exquisite vanilla cake, filling the room with its loud odour and necessitating the use of filters for discreet growing.