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Think Different x Power Plant

by Dutch Passion

While on a quest for new autoflowering varieties, Dutch Passion inadvertently created a new, fast growing feminized variety of Think Different and called her Think Fast. Think Fast is a very potent and high yielding sativa-dominant strain that offers benefits to medicinal and recreational users alike.

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Think Fast Genetics

Think Fast was an experiment that went well: Dutch Passion´s master geneticists crossed Think Different AutoFem (AK420 x Ruderalis) with their heavy hitter, Power Plant ( African Sativa landrace genetics). Hoping to get some new autoflowering varieties. They got great results from the match. Though a cross between an autoflower and a normal feminized plant produces offspring that won´t autoflower, they found that the heritage still means Think Fast grows faster than her standard photoperiod forefathers, er… foremothers.

Think Fast Terpene Profile

Though only mildly fruity, Think Fast from Dutch Passion has a very tasty flavour. You may be able to taste the earthy, pine, woody flavours of her Power Plant parent too. You´ll smell plenty of the terpene Pinene and aroma wise she´s on the light side, so it may be a good choice for stealthy growing.

Think Fast Effects

A nice mix of sativa and indica effects: you´ll enjoy the inspiring and uplifting effects of the predominant sativa genes, followed up by a lovely chilled-out side, thanks to the indica. Strong, long-lasting and very potent, Think Fast will delight recreational users; dose with caution as the high is great but also very, very intense.

Medical Benefits Think Fast

A popular strain for medicinal uses and grown by commercial medicinal growers in Canada. Think Fast is said to lighten the symptoms of headaches, migraines and chronic pain; the high working as a distraction and suppressant of the physical pain. Some medical users also report her being helpful for reducing muscle spasms or, when used at microdose levels, she may be effective for helping deal with depression thanks to her uplifting sativa side. Best of all for medical users, the effect is very long-lasting, up to 3 or 4 hours. And, because she is very resinous she should be good for making concentrates, shatter or oil.

How to Grow Think Fast

An ideal plant for outdoor grows, even in rough weather conditions Think Fast can grow big, bushy and productive. She can reach heights of up to two meters and will grow steadily from the start before going crazy when she comes into flower. The large, light green buds are very resinous and as she stretches out in bud the heavily laden branches may benefit from support. A very vigorous grow, she will demand plenty of nutrition and needs to be watched, despite being relatively resistant to moulds. All being well, she will grow well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse and produce massive yields in as little as eight weeks.