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by Dutch Passion

The result of a collaboration between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor, StarRyder is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid autoflowering cannabis with high THC levels and a delightfully fruity flavour.

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StarRyder Strain Genetics

Dutch Passion Seeds brought its popular Isis strain to the table in the creation of this marijuana strain, while the Joint Doctor seedbank, producer of the original Lowryder, brought this epic Northern Lights descendant to the lineage. The combination didn’t only make for a great name but also a first-class autoflower with a memorably powerful buzz!

These cannabis seeds didn’t only inherit effects from their parents but also easy growing traits even by the high standards of feminised auto marijuana varieties. These marijuana seeds grow into small and compact Christmas trees with heavy buds, acting as the best kind of decorations!

StarRyder Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant flavours of this cannabis strain come from the terpene profile, which has been handed down from the exceptionally bred parent strains. The primary taste that lingers here, which is also the most abundant aroma in the room after exhale, is a classic, kush-like, earthy tone that is provided by myrcene.

There is also some sweet yet spicy touches here, likely to be a result of caryophyllene. This peppery terpene caresses the throat on the inhale and adds a whole different dimension to the moreish, enticing flavour of this beautiful Dutch Passion creation.

StarRyder Strain Effects

Despite its diminutive stature, quite the punch is packed here, with a fast-acting high quickly enveloping both body and mind. While potent, this isn’t a catatonic strain, you won’t be sedated into a state of couch-lock. Instead, there is a cerebral, creative, and uplifting euphoric vibe to the effects.

A good daytime strain, the buzz here is long lasting and should carry you nicely through a busy afternoon. Excellent for time spent alone, or a chatty day in good company, this is a cannabis strain that suits a multitude of situations!

StarRyder Strain Medical Benefits

The potential StarRyder medical benefits come from the combinations of cannabinoids (namely THC) and terpenes (mainly myrcene and caryophyllene) that are at play. One possible benefit is in the relief of stress, something that has been passed down from the Northern Lights grandparent. The high THC content (around 19%) works with myrcene here and may help relieve the symptoms of short or long-term stress.

Caryophyllene is the only terpene that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system in the same way that cannabinoids do. This gives the potential for the body’s pain response to be aided by this marijuana, possibly helping alleviate symptoms of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

How to Grow StarRyder Strain Seeds

One of the easiest strains to grow you’re likely to find, this is essentially a plant and watch strain, in that once these feminized StarRyder auto seeds are planted, there’s very little for you to do outside of the odd lighting change. Small, compact plants that rarely cross a metre in height, especially for indoor growers, there’s no trimming or pruning necessary, and these tiny plants are above average growers, offering an impressive high yield of large and heavy buds in a delectable combination of green colours and covered in trichomes around 9-11 weeks from germination.

Outdoor growers may favour a greenhouse here, as this is a plant that likes it warm and dry. Those in Mediterranean style climates should be okay growing outside. Once October comes around, you will notice those beefy, resinous nugs appearing on the plants, releasing an earthy, herbal smell and letting you know harvest time is fast approaching!