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Purple #1 x Skunk #1

by Dutch Passion

Shaman is a real character, a sativa-dominant hybrid (85/15) from Dutch Passion, this prize-winning purple beauty grows big and bushy, producing a high yield with the right conditions and a dreamy smoke. She’s pretty darn potent, with up to 18% THC.

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Shaman Genetics

Originally known as ‘Purple Skunk’ this F1 hybrid, drawn from crossing Purple #1 x Skunk, was specially bred to be an excellent outdoor grower. Shaman is a well-proven phenotype that dates back to, and has been stable since, the 80’s. She won 1st Prize in the Outdoor category at the Home Grow Cup NL (2015) and makes people happy both with her amazing sativa-high and her great yields.

Shaman Effects

Surprising, and indeed shamanic, in her ability to take you away from it all. The Shaman high is clearly sativa to begin with; intensely energetic and focusing, she progresses to near-psychedelic. However, after the build-up she will drop you down into a deep state of relaxation, with more of an indica body-high, which might leave you a little spacey. Good for philosophizing with your friends on long summer nights.

Shaman Terpene Profile

Shaman has a strong aroma, Ocimene is responsible for the floral fragrance and the levels of limonene for the citrus. There’s a woody quality to the flavour, including a lovely spicy note to the exhale, probably thanks to a good dollop of Pinene in her terpene mix.

Medical Benefits Shaman

If you are looking for perspective, stress reduction, anxiety and depression relief then Shaman from Dutch Passion may well be able to lighten your load. Some patients like to use it in the daytime as it keeps you energetic and productive, while still giving relief to sore bodies. Make sure you drink plenty of water, as she can tend to dry out eyes and mouth. You will sleep deep and long after this one.

How to Grow Shaman

Dutch Passion have made this a synch: bred to be an outdoor growers dream Shaman grows large and bushy, is made for growing in damp Northern European climates and is hardy against mould, bud-rot, and pests. When done right she produces an excellent yield and an excellent high. She has the large inter-nodal spaces and long, slender leaves of a typical sativa but is most noticeable for the brilliant purple colouration, which comes courtesy of the indica heritage.