Buy Mokum’s Tulip strain seeds

by Dutch Passion

An Amsterdam classic with a compelling backstory, Mokum’s Tulip is a multiple cannabis cup-winning Cookies indica/sativa hybrid from Dutch Passion that boasts the signature floral scent of its homelands and a mouthwatering fruity taste to match. 

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Mokum’s Tulip Strain Genetics

Mokum’s Tulip’s lineage was created when Dutch Passion’s Head of Genetics discovered a unique Gelato phenotype with an unrivalled candy taste and tulip scent upon his travels. Bringing it back to Mokum – an old Hebrew name for Amsterdam – the strain was paired with Sherbet, a sweet Girl Scout Cookies cultivar, giving rise to this mythical, multiple cup-winning cannabis strain. 

Part of the Dutch Passion seedbank’s ‘Classic Collection’ and based on some of the most sought after genetics from the United States, Mokum’s Tulip marijuana seeds are now available from MGS in an easy growing feminised format. With its beautiful blueish colour tones and sticky trichome-covered buds, this cultivar is a must for your empty Cookie jar!

Mokum’s Tulip Strain Terpene Profile

This pheno’s Gelato parent was purposefully picked for breeding on account of its unique smell. Mokum’s Tulip aroma is comparable, and growers will be amazed by the unusual scent of sweet red tulip that emanates strongly from the plant during its flowering stage. This appealing bouquet is complemented by sweet cookies and kush flavours, notes of forest fruit and grapefruit, and a delicious ice cream aesthetic. 

Despite its strange olfactory impact, Mokum’s Tulip dominant terpenes are the same as most GSC strains. Growers interested in these aromatic compounds’ properties can expect a profile composed of mostly caryophyllene, limonene and humulene terpenes. These chemicals, along with many others, are secreted from the glandular hairs that cover the surface of cannabis plants and give rise to their wide-ranging flavours and sensory effects.

Mokum’s Tulip Strain Effects

This hybridized strain ensures a robust and highly potent psychoactive experience. Mokum’s Tulip powerful effects are long-lasting and characterised by heavy, indica-typical relaxation. Users can expect an intense initial head-rush, which hits like a euphoric bolt to the brain, leaving dopey smiles and intense hunger in its wake. This cerebral sensation soon gives way to a comforting physical high that’ll rapidly put your body and mind at ease.

While this is a high THC, low CBD strain, Mokum’s Tulip THC levels aren’t excessive, allowing this strain to be enjoyed throughout the day and long into the night. Growers can expect a THC content of around 15-20% and, as such, low-tolerance users should err on the side of caution when consuming.

Mokum’s Tulip strain Medical Benefits

Mokum’s Tulip medical benefits are numerous and can be used to improve the body’s healing process as well as physical health in general. Caryophyllene and humulene both have potent anti-inflammatory effects, making this strain excellent for patients recovering from injuries, sprains and operations. The pain-killing properties of caryophyllene also make Mokum’s Tulip medical seeds especially effective in this regard.

Though humulene is known as an appetite suppressant, Mokum’s Tulip weed can have the opposite effect. The intense hunger pangs resulting from its consumption can be utilised by patients undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from eating disorders.

How to Grow Mokum’s Tulip Strain

Mokum’s Tulip cannabis seeds flowering time is around eight weeks from germination though this can differ slightly depending on the individual phenotype. Faring best in dryer outdoor climates, growing Mokum’s Tulip seeds indoors is also a great option, but the plant’s sturdy branches mean LTS or bending techniques are not recommended. She does particularly well in a SOG set-up, but novice cultivations shouldn’t have any problem producing high-quality plants through natural growth. 

Producing medium-sized plants with beautiful blue tones in the leaves, this is an extremely high resin producer, meaning gloves will be required when cutting and curing. Perfect for those wishing to make the most out of its terpenic potential, Dutch Passion suggests using ‘Blue Light Treatment’ during the end of the flowering phase for an even higher quality product. Mokum’s Tulip yields an average of between 400-500g/m2, and though its rock hard buds may be smaller than others in the Dutch Passion collection, its compactness means heavy yields such as these are more than possible.