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OG #18 x Las Vegas Lemon Skunk

by Dutch Passion

Combining Haze and Kush for a classic concoction, Lemon OG is a Super Sativa Seeds strain available via Dutch Passion. An indica-dominant hybrid cannabis with a delightful fruity aroma and impressive growing traits, this is a must for beginner growers and cannaisseurs alike. 

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Lemon OG Strain Genetics

Lemon OG, AKA Lemon OG Kush feminized marijuana seeds were created as a blend of two popular strains, the Cannabis Cup winning OG Kush phenotype the OG #18 (AKA Private Reserve OG) and the mythical legend that is Las Vegas Lemon Skunk.

A hearty dose of Skunk, Haze, and Kush traits are at play here, clear from the flavours and aromas, as well as the high, which is a little more sedating than the average Kush but still offers that same uplifting chill.

Lemon OG Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile is classic Cali Kush, blending earthy aromas, citrus tinges, and peppery touches for a familiar yet unique experience for the senses. The herbal, earthy smell is due to myrcene, one of the dominant terpenes in this and many other much-loved cannabis strains.

The citrus lemony dominance on the inhale is due to another common terpene, limonene, while the spicy, peppery undertones that follow the exhale and linger on the lips comes from caryophyllene, the dominant terpene in Diesel strains. Combined, what you get here is an all-out treat for the senses. 

Lemon OG Strain Effects

Strap-in for rapid effects that start to tickle the body on exhale and should be fully set in within as little as 10 minutes. The high Lemon OG THC level (over 20%) means this is a hard-hitting strain that is likely to keep you in your chair for the first stage of the buzz.

This potency does slowly dissipate, though, to be replaced by a more classic Kush high, euphoric, uplifting, and all-round pleasant for the mind after a stressful day. This is a cerebral, euphoric effect that creates an intriguing combination off the back of the fairly couch-locking first stage of this marijuana strain’s effects.

Lemon OG Strain Medical Benefits

There are various reported medical benefits from consumers of this cannabis, with happy customers speaking of several positive effects, including pain relief. One of the most common benefits attributed is in the aiding of those living with insomnia. The first stage of the effects creates the perfect situation for sleep, while the less heavy latter phase ensures that the comedown isn’t hard, and waking up in the morning should not be made more difficult.

There is also the possibility that the cannabinoid and terpene combination at play within this hybrid strain may aid in counteracting loss of appetite, going past the munchies and working with the endocannabinoid system to produce an increase in genuine hunger.

How to Grow Lemon OG Strain Seeds

There is minimal effort to grow these feminized cannabis seeds, an absolute treat for the indoor or outdoor gardener. Inside, expect impressive yields within a flowering time of eight weeks from germination with either SOG or SCROG methods. Plants stay short and compact thanks to the indica genetics with a high calyx to leaf ratio.

Outdoor and greenhouse growers should be aware of spider mites, which can affect these plants, but regular checks can avoid this issue. Early October brings dark green buds coated in trichomes and releasing a pungent, beautiful, lemon-infused Kush aroma that lingers in the air weeks before harvest time!